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    This isn't true anymore Richy. The reason alkalines got a bad ( and well deserved rap ) was that companies were using cheap butyls and caustics in their cleaners. Those types of butyls for the most part were outlawed about 5 years ago. AG CWC has a ph of over 13 and after using it on all types of wheels for the past three years, it has never given me issues. My APC has a ph in the high 12s, and yet I've let it dry on glass and used it on two different sets of polished aluminum wheels with no problem. Most cleaners including Optimum Power Clean and AG Powermax are in the 12s as are a lot of carwash soaps. The ph level isn't as much of a concern as the actual ingredients.
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    I like using Wheel Brightener here and there, but I am aware that precautions must be taken. I usually just use it very weak, like 6:1 or 8:1 and I always wear gloves when cleaning wheels, regardless of the cleaner I am using. When I am spraying it on, I am very careful not to inhale the stuff. It works really well and it leaves the wheels with a really nice water-beading shine.

    I have read here and therer that the wheels should be neutralized with soap & water or APC or blah blah balh, but I don't do any of that, and no problems so far. I just rinse with water very thoroughly.
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    ^^^^ Ive never done any of that either, My wheels after 4-5 years are fine?
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    I'm always cautious now with all my meg's chemicals. Wheel brightener is tucked away for an extreme need and now I always wear gloves/mask when I'm using the meg APCs. If I don't it always leaves this gross taste in my mouth
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    Chemists say it's the Fluoride ions in HF and ABF (NH (4) F) that make many wheel cleaners and pre-soaks so potentially dangerous. Whether fluoride ions enter body tissues as the result of inhalation or skin contact, they cause deep, progressive burning that may quickly lead to multi-organ failure and death. Long-term exposure to even minimal amounts of ABF can lead to brittle bones, weight loss, anaemia, and calcified ligaments

    This subject usually results in people taking sides for and against its use. For professionals or anyone else who is aware of the potential risks and takes the necessary safety and common sense precautions then use it by all means.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also recommend employers provide a series of gels, injections and pills to combat fluoride poisoning. If these precautions sound extreme, think again. Lethal doses of ABF and HF are estimated between one teaspoon and one ounce. A fluoride burn covering less than two percent of the body can be fatal."

    My only agenda is to make sure detailers are aware of its potential dangers

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    Absolutely agree.

    It is not possible to judge how well a product will do the job it is designed for just by measuring the pH and stronger is not always better. So, acid strength is always relative to the system you’re measuring and what materials are in danger of being dissolved or attacked by the acid pH is a measure of the relative strength of an acid but the key word is relative.

    As Ken has eluded to you must consider a cleaners contents, not just its final pH value

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    I recommend spraying Meguiar's APC onto the surface to be cleaned, and not into your mouth. You shouldn't have any problems if you follow these instructions.
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    One important point that has been left out of this discussion is the concentration level of the molecules in the air. There is a massive difference in exposure and concentration between taking a few deep breaths right off a bottle of WB versus spraying it on wheels, cut 4:1, in a well ventilated area with proper protection on.

    Figure out what concentration level you would be exposed to in the setting you would normally use WB, then cross-reference an MSDS or whatever to decide if you should be worried or not.

    GDAL- Had never heard this before, can you confirm where you heard it? Thanks!
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    It has been posted here and on other detailing sites.

    I used to use WB on one of my winter rim sets on a constant basis. The clear on the plastic centercap started failing after a few months. Keep in mind, I was hitting them with WB every other weeks for months (I didn't know any better). The areas that were previously pitted on the rims were getting larger (and I don't think it was salt pitting either). It seemed to that the acid was eating the metal and clear.

    I'm not saying it's unsafe. I hit them with APC just to neutralized it. I don't want to take any chances on a customer's vehicle.
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    Awesome! You made my day. LOL

    Not to discredit your post, but if it was ruining your wheels after that short a time then it has more to do with the quality of the finish on your wheels. I use acid on clients chrome wheels weekly up here in the winter because its the only thing that will clean the salty brine they use on our roads. Sticks like crazy to chrome for some reason. The acid I use is way nastier than WB and we've never had an issue with it. What dilution were you using?
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    4:1 ratio Ken. They were older GM rims. But they were in great shape (66k) when I first started using it. It had some light rashes/pitting, but nothing major.
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    If you have any type of rash on the wheels, its very easy for the acid to get under the clear and cause havoc. :( Like I said, my wheel cleaner makes WB look like Kool Aid and I haven't had any issues.
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    Interesting read, I've really been meaning to start wearing protection when I use this stuff, maybe this will finally motivate me to do so. I use it on almost all of my customer's cars, as most of them are very poorly maintained and it's the only thing that will cut through all the road grime and brake dust that builds up on the wheels. Not to mention it's extremely cost-effective.
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    good to know to hit them with APC to nutulise them. gona do that from now on when im gona use that stuff. havent used it in a while
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    Cliffs to this thread if you dont want to read the whole thing: Always use protection.
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    That is what my mom said when i was a teenager LOL

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