Meguiars Ultimate Car Care Kit

Discussion in 'Sale, Trades, or Bargains' started by P1et, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Does anyone have this? I had really resist buying it since it looks like a good deal...


  2. Dontsleeponit

    Dontsleeponit Jedi Nuba

    I dont see you having much use for the scrathX piet, but the rest of the stuff is decent. Ive used plastX and UQD, and they both were decent products. Didnt blow me away but they were nice.

    I t;hink I also see all wheel cleaner and interrior detailer which I have heard were good from others.

    And is that NXT 2.0 too?
  3. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    See, that's why I didn't buy it. I already had stuff that was better than that and I didn't want to plonk down $25 just to have it.

    Yes, it does have the NXT 2.0 and apparantly their UQD is very good as well. The ScratchX would indeed be a waste...
  4. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    I was looking for these when I was in the states, but I couldn't find any. In Canada the bottle of NXT is 30, so it is a steal!
  5. Dontsleeponit

    Dontsleeponit Jedi Nuba

    wow thats some BS huh?
  6. Dandrop

    Dandrop Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    A lot of Target stores have the NXT 2.0 clearanced for $11.88, some even found it at $7.99.

    If you don't need all of those stuff the target price would be a better buy.
  7. cwcad

    cwcad Birth of a Detailer

    A few weeks ago I purchased that very same kit for 13 dollars on the closeout shelf, P1et.

    A plain bottle of NXT2.0 was almost 15 dolllars. I purchased the kit and will either use the products, trade them out, or give them out as a surprise when i do a personal trade.
  8. jake_b

    jake_b Obsessive Detailer

    i have the UQD. for me it's a good after the wash QD. It does boost the shine..IMO
  9. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Where did you find it? At Wal*Mart? For that price it's worth it!
  10. cwcad

    cwcad Birth of a Detailer

    I was in the store with my wife while she was looking for material for her computer bag making so I sauntered over to the auto detailing section. As I was walking away I noticed a close out shelf with the kit sitting there so I picked it up and took it home.

    Heck if you come to my door you can have it. Less two ounces of NXT 2.0. If you pay for shipping I will send it to you. :deal: No matter what I am pretty sure that I will not be using any of the products any more. I have to many at this moment and more to order. :shead: I know that does not make any sense but it is true never the less. :giggle::shrug:
  11. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    That is GOOD to know! No need for you to send me any, much appreciated though! I will just pay that Wal*Mart a visit once a week until they go on the clearance rack. Then buy a few!!!
  12. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    I bought one the other day at was around 14.00 ..they had it on clearence and there was 2 left....the other one was missing stuff.....gave it to my son to use at work on the bosses truck...

  13. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    Yup they were 15....

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