Meguiars M101 compound

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    I would have liked to see "good job homie"
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    Posted in the other M101 thread

    Think about this guys...

    Everything sold through mainstream vendors in many cases is purchased on the expectation of a discount at least here in the US. Its amazing how little profit distributors will take on an item(hardly to recoup procurement costs) and truly set themselves up for "Mandatory" sales to move any sort of volume. You can't deny there are tons of vendors out there who you can count on a sale almost every couple weeks. Kinda ridiculous.

    Yes we can get into the argument of of the economy sucks and so on... but the fact is guys who are detailing for a trade want a good price, but otherwise know where to go and how to get the items they need. I am a firm believer(as evidenced by our support) that the guys IN the trade know the true value of the products they are using and understand why prices are prices. I am not sure this can be said about enthusiasts or product collectors(no offense meant here guys)

    Working with Meguiar's taught me almost immediately that they are genuinely concerned with the well being of their brand and the value it holds for the time and effort they put into development. Its absolutely ridiculous that they price things(nearly everything) to have it distributed and sold for as little as 65 percent MSRP - as if a 15 dollar gallon of APC Is TOOOO MUCH. Its ridiculous. Every single thing is devalued in our trade, everything sold for less than full price(which in the case of anything from Meguiar's is underpriced IMHO).

    People will pay an appropriate price for appropriate performance. I seriously don't blame them for marketing this to Europe and not bringing it over immediately.
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    Totally on board with your post above.
    And as one of those in for the long haul, I always am looking for the best possible product result for a price that is competitive and affordable, with the results I am looking to get. And sometimes this will cost more, and I have to figure out how to make that work within my business plan, budget, etc..

    I would also really like to narrow the inventory down to just a few things that work really well on almost every paint, etc., leather, etc, plastics, etc, etc.., and just stick with that - until something really, really, great may come along that will do all of the above - better, and hopefully for the same or less $$$. I also like to let all the new-hype-etc., stuff that hits the Internet every year, go awhile, observe all the tests some people put it through, and then evaluate its long-term effectiveness/durability vs pricing, and availability..

    So thanks so much, to many of you that can afford to buy and try the latest and greatest for us - you are really helping us out ! :)

    I am thinking that perhaps when Meguiars made the European launch (whenever that was) of the Meguiars 101, they were looking at many factors including the dollar vs the Euro. Well now the Dollar is worth more than the Euro, so it IS a great time to be spending money there and getting more bang for your buck so to speak..

    We may never know how they calculate their spending, dollars, etc., and actually that is ok; I am sure its hugely complicated given the world wide size of this company already.

    I am still hoping this product makes it back over here from where it started, and make this a whole lot easier on everyone. Heck, maybe they dont want to take away any future sales of their much hyped microfiber pad and compounding/polishing system, who knows??

    I also miss the "like" feature, the "Thanks" feature was always there, and I used both of them until just recently when the "Like" was apparently
    "UnLiked" right out of here. :)

    Dan F
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    Not sure how much I buy into all that.. I believe the profit margins to be very high on these products therefore, while sales eat away at that profit margin there is still profit... Keep in mind, I am not an insider on detailing products but in my full time industry this is the case.
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    we had to pull some of the plugs in out due to the polls not working correctly I believe they are now fixed and we will be adding back the plug ins shortly.
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    True dat!
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    What about

    "Fo Sho":afro:
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    Full time detailer, full time vendor. Talking with someone with Meguiar's on a regular basis, there is a genuine concern of de-valuing, in fact that exact word was used. I completely understand it as a vendor. And really, regardless of the intended margins to be(bear in mind so a business can operate as well as continuing to purchase from Meguiar's) the pricing is set by the market and chronic sales drive down market value. MSRP is truly only suggested.

    Just to clear up: I didn't mean to make it sound like that was definitively why. Just adding some information as to a "maybe" that's why its not here yet. If I was the manufacturer and truly thought it was priced appropriately and saw a history of de-valued stuff that was appropriately priced(cheaply even), I would definitely limit the market it was in.

    Just a thought..
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    Bud, I so wish that was true. The profit margins ( if you can sell at full retail ) are decent but not gonna make anyone rich anytime soon decent. Then take into account the shipping from the supplier to the vendor. That cost comes out of the "decent" profit margin. Then there is the time it takes to unpack, price, put on shelf, take off shelf, put in box and deliver to shipping company. That time also comes out of the "decent " profit. As you can see, even if you sell products at full retail, the profit really isn't so hot. Now, take into account places like AG giving stuff away. They have the volume to make a few points on an item and get away with it. For the rest of us, selling at those prices regularly will put us out of business sooner or later as it will get to a point that it just isn't worth the effort. I wish everyone that thinks these BOGOs are so great, could spend a day with someone like Phil and see how much work goes into running an online store, often for next to nothing. The schedule Phil keeps would kill most of you in a week. Sorry to rant but it pisses me off to no end when someone asks for a discount. How would you feel if your boss came in to your office and said to keep a large account, you'd have to take a 30% reduction in pay. Thats what you guys are asking us to do every time you ask us to put something on sale.
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    And that's why I never ask for discounts, although I do get buddy pricing from a certain manufacturer, and I asked Mikey for freebie on my birthday this month, lol.
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    Thank you! I've wanted to say that to customers so often.

    I work in an online business and we have a 20% markup and get customers asking for discounts all the time. The kicker is they ask for 'just' 20% off. Which means an item we paid $100 for and were selling for $120 would cost them $96. That math just won't work. And when I try to explain that the markup is just too low to offer additional discounts (we are already about 30% off list) they ask for free shipping. Like we don't give the shipping charge to FedEx or UPS to get the item to them. We priced all of our stuff as low as we possibly could and still be able to stay in business but people have been trained to wait for the extra discount anymore.

    The ones that do all the discounts in detail products can absorb the loss as advertising or buy in large enough quantities (or make the stuff themselves) so it isn't as bad for them. Although even Griots seemed to realize they goofed with their free shipping with no minimum that they ran for awhile since you could buy a $8 bottle of cleaner that would cost them $10 to ship and only give them $8.

    Anyone seen what JCPenny is doing? They did away with sale after sale after sale and just put the lowest price they could sell the item for right on the tag all the time. My gripe has been if you can sell it for 30-50% off then just sell it for that. Don't make me wait for a couple weeks to see if it goes on sale or kick myself when I see it a week later for half what I paid. Just give it to me for a fair price all the time. I know businesses have to make a profit and I'm more than willing to give them a fair one. The one detailing site that has a new sale every five minutes gets people excited and buying on the spur of the moment but I'd really prefer a fair price all the time over the hyped up "for the next 10 minutes everything is half off and free shipping and we'll throw in a foot massage"
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    Here is a link for you, . Caterpillar just posted annual profits of $4.9 billion, yes billion, yet seemed fit to demand a 50% wage and benefits reduction to the workers at this plant. They would not budge from this during negotiations, and just today closed the plant. 465 people out of work from the Caterpillar factory with another 1700 in spin-off jobs also gone...

    Sorry to be off topic, this just really pisses me off...
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    Gale Force, and all the rest of those affected by this --

    I am so sorry to read the article and see that many people will be out of work. There are lots of places like this already in the US too. Remember Pittsburgh Steel?
    It is a mess, pretty much everywhere unfortunately. We will hope and pray that all those that are going to be be out of work will be able to find help and somehow stop the hemorrhaging of their hard earned pensions, etc., so that they can keep a roof over their heads and food on their tables.
    I am really so sorry to read this !

    Dan F
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    This is absolute crap bud. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining share price, most companies will do whatever they have to. Its just horrible that even in a crap economy when companies SHOULD be doing what they can to keep their guys working, they would do something like that. My heart goes out to all the people that lost their jobs. :(
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    One of the reasons that I don't mind paying more to do business
    with certain vendors. I'd rather support people who give a crap than
    people who are just trying to maximize their profit margins and
    run monopolies.
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    Is anyone sell this yet I would like to get some?
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    Sounds like they don't wanna bring it to the US b/c then they'd sit on a landfill of M105 ;)

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