Meguiars D108 Degreaser vs APC+ - Sell me on this people!!!!

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    I'm in a little bit of a middle ground between the 2 of these. I'm looking for a product that can do engines, jambs, wheel and wheel wells, De-bug and possibly dilute enough for interiors as well. I see capabilities in both of these products but don't know exactly which one o go with. The 108 seems to be a lot stronger and works faster, but I'm worried about possible negative effects this would have on parts if the vehicle it might get on as far as overspray. The APC+ has awesome reviews but i'm wondering if its gonna gonna be strong enough for those nasty vehicles. I'm in Michigan so we get a very diverse type of cars/trucks that come in. Some are FILTHY and grimy, and others need a standard cleaning. Please help me out guys! Thanks for your reviews. This is a branch off of another thread that you all have been very helpful with!
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    IMO, D108 is going to be to strong for interior use, even diluted 10:1. I would recommend the APC+ for your everyday stuff and get something stronger, like Einszett W99, for the tougher stuff.

    I'm currently using W99 and Adam's All Purpose Cleaner at varying dilutions, but I wouldn't use either one for interior use still. I have a couple of dedicated interior cleaners that have much better scents (Meguiar's #40, 303 Cleaner).
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    I have been using APC+ for about 5 years now, and I can honestly say it is the most versatile product available (for the price). I currently purchase it for a little over 6 dollars a gallon from my supplier, so I suggest using it. The product can be diluted for every possible use. Interiors it works extremely well, but I do not use it on leather. Engine bays....use at full strength if you feel you need a strong cleaner.
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    I absolutely love Meguiars Super Degreaser for anything really dirty in the engine compartment and I have even washed some really dirty car exterior parts with it and it does what you say and we know - it cleans quickly, rinses very clean, and is not super foamy or sudsy, etc...

    I just used 32 oz of it on a very dirty 2007 BMW 530Xi Wagon that had sat underneath 100+' tall pine and fir trees that dripped sap and crap all over it for 6 years.
    All the outside rubber had tons of green, embedded, mold and stuff growing in every crevice including inside the gas filler pocket and the door.
    D108 sprayed on and brushed a little, and finished with a pressure washer and all the mold was gone. All the gas spills and resulting dirty oily gooey stuff - gone...
    I have gotten it on paint work and its really not an issue, as long as you rinse it or rinse the panel down while you are working. It has never been an issue on paintwork for me.

    I also love Meguiars APC+ for the fact that it works great, low foam, rinses really easy, and has a nice clean scent. I just used it on that nasty Bimmer to clean a huge amount of water staining and greasy handprints in the Headliner which is light gray, and it took everything off left no rings, etc., and the Headliner looked new again.. APC+ is great on carpets or carpeted floormats and with steam followed b real extractor, you have absolutely clean surfaces, deep down clean, and what little moisture remains goes away quickly and the vehicle smells good at the floor level.

    For anything Plasltic inside a vehicle I am still stuck on Einszett Deep Plastic Cleaner and get it by the 5lLiter jug. It absolutely cleans plastic better than anything and leaves a nice, matte, finish that requires no more work. No need to rinse, just wipe it off.. It can be too strong if you are not careful and should not be used in the sun or on hot surfaces. The scent is very clean and goes away quickly.
    It is more expensive than a gallon of APC+ but it has its uses for my shop and I like it.

    Dan F
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    Awesome! Looks like ill order both and see what happens!! haha. Thanks alot for all your responses.

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