1. Erik Mejia

    Erik Mejia Obsessive Detailer

    I don't think that drum machine was designed/ intended to be used on vehicles. Looks like it would be better suited for the aerospace industry.

    I'm not sure why you knock the rotary so much, it' actually a very versatile machine that allows for a competent user to accomplish great work.
  2. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    What happened to the Vid Shawn?
  3. Denzil

    Denzil Guest

    Fragmented sentence and difficult to understand.

    Obvious and shameless company plug here. If we had great interest in it, we'd actually start the thread and not you.

    whats -> what's
    Just because you've been in the business for over twenty five years does not necessarily mean you know anything and everything.

    It will occasionally fling polish as you have may times with your conventional buffer. - Huh?
    Glad your such a great critic! - your -> you're
    Loaded with fragmented sentences.

    What kind of buffer are you using? Actually, more importantly, what technique are you using? Sure it's possible to create more swirls than what you started with an improper technique but with the right technique you can achieve amazing results. You're generalizations of "most buffers" is poor at best and is also a poor way of marketing your product as the more superior product.

    I don't think any of us in this thread claim to be professionals except for you. The ONLY reason you were treated this way by the members of this forum is 1) you obviously didn't read ANY of the forum rules and 2) you violated one of the forum rules by trying to advertise your business without purchasing the proper membership required for sponsor advertising.
  4. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

  5. I knew I shouldn't have gone to bed early :doh:
  6. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    It's never too late to join the fun!
  7. pektel

    pektel DB Forum Supporter

    This thread wins.
  8. naplesnole

    naplesnole Virgin Detailer

    Actually sir if you look at the site you will notice that there is no place to purchase a machine. Matter of fact thats not the price of the machine. As the topic stated "may I suggest". It was never my intention to break any of the rules here. To the poster who said "whats wrong with the old way?" We are bringing something fresh to the market so what makes that wrong? I never stated that I was the final say in detailing. Nobody is. This is just a fresh approach. To the poster who is correcting my grammar. Thankyou. Maybe you should get out of detailing and become an english teacher. My point about slinging polish was sarcasm directed at the poster who kindly pointed out he spotted polish coming from the pad. This is the first forum I've visited that has spewed this much or any venom about having posters look at some video. If anyone is offended because I suggested to look at a new approach to polishing I am sorry. Lastly to the poster who thinks drum
    Polishers are snake oil, you are gravely mistaken. This technology will be right beside everything else within a year We already have two companies trying to tear our patents apart to get to market. Good day
  9. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    I could go on about your buffer but who taught the guy in the video how to wet sand. I hope he didn't have a hand in the making of your buffer.


    Funny how there are no full sun correction pictures...I stand by my snake-oil comment. Also why would you have a price on the website if "that's not the price"?
  11. lol @ your videos :applause:

    When your not detailing you could use it for a floor sander :chips:
  12. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    Thats so coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Oh mate, not only did that make me laugh out loud, you also used my favorite emoticon!
  14. HeavyD

    HeavyD DB Forum Supporter

    Hmm..I wonder how Concourso looks on maple? :drinking2:
  15. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    When you look at a pot of Collinite 476, it states you can use it on wood!
  16. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing


    how has this not been shut down already
  17. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Do I need to?
  18. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    lets just keep "ROLLING" with the punches!
  19. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    I missed the videos! DAMN!
  20. ampbmw

    ampbmw DB Forum Supporter

    Bud, you chose the WRONG crowd to feed this crap to...hahahah

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