Looking for some pre-polishing pointers.

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    I saw the same on Autogeek, but I wonder if they will just ship you PF2500 instead.
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    So if I understand it correctly, they went from a 1-5 scale to a 1-10 scale.

    In other words, PO203S was a 3.5 cut and a 3.8 gloss, which is 7 cut and 7.6 gloss on the new chart. PF2500 is 6 cut and 8 gloss.

    Conclusion: PF2500 has slightly LESS cut than PO203S yet has pretty much the same amount of gloss.
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    I like the new bottles..........
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    Yes. Even more confusing is in the UK, SIP(RD3.02) and PF(203S) are BOTH called PF2500!! LOL LINK
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    How about the fact they have different PRICES on top of that!
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    DO NOT get the 300/301 combo. Order 105 and the MF pads to cut. You can do it! Also don't try correcting with foam. Wool or MF pads are superior.

    QUOTE=Derek8819;332800]Wow guys, thank you so much for the support. I really want to do this myself, I am obviously just concerned that I won't get the results I desire. I do not think I will be completely happy anyway since the car has SO MUCH orange peel.

    Do you guys reccomend the 105 with the Uber pads or the 300 with the MF system? Do I need the MF 301 as well since they call it a finishing wax?[/QUOTE]
  7. 911Fanatic

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    Thomas, I have been quite successful with the 300/cutting disc combo. Is there any reason that you don't recommend it? I agree with the not using 301 as it sucks balls. On a side note, its nice to have your expertise here.
  8. tdekany

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    I love working with both 300/301 but they hide. That why I recommended 105 to level first. After that, the OP should chose what ever he likes to polish/finish etc...
  9. Derek8819

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    Well, you guys were right....

    I got my Meguiars D300 in from DD today and went at her again. I did another dawn wash and then an IPA wipe down. I used the PC7424XP on speed 6 with the MF cutting pad. The hood took a bit of work, lots of pressure, but not too much to stop the disk from rotating, it acutally ended up after the D300 being a bit hazy it seemed and needed a second pass, but this time with ZP-C, to really clear it up. The two rock chips I filled and wet sanded came out as smooth as the rest of the paint, barely noticable. The rest of the car I was able to use just the D300 as a one step with medium pressure. I followed it all with another IPA wipe down and then used the green Uber pad with the PC on speed 4 to lay down a thin coast of Zaino ZAIO. This was the first time I was able to lay the Zaino down with a PC, but I was amazed at how thin I was able to apply it. I let it sit a few hours and then wiped off and saw a few spots I had to correct and re-do. I then finished today with one coat of Z-5 using the PC and the Uber black pad. I am going to let it sit overnight since the humidity is high tonight, I will follow with another Z-5 tomorrow then some Z-2 layers after a few days of curing.

    I feel I got 70-80% out on most of the car and 90-95% on the hood. It looks TONS better than it did. I really appreciate the little kick in the pants you guys gave me.

    I attached a few pics from today, these are pre Z-AIO so you can imagine how much more it pops now. I will post some finished pics soon.

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  10. Stokdgs

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    Derek8819 ---

    Wow, she looks great !!!!!!!!

    You did some great work there !!! That white really pops now I bet !

    I am so proud of you !

    I really like correcting white Bimmers - they always just glow !

    Thanks for sharing your pics and process - we all like to learn from each other here.

    Dan F
  11. ACE2790

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    I love the success story behind this process, awesome!
  12. Derek8819

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    Turned the PC loose on the wifes car today, same methods as my 135i. Results......I am happy as could be. Some pre and post pics to celebrate while the Z-5 sets.

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  13. Stokdgs

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    Derek8819 --

    Wow, you killed it !!!!!! She looks beautiful, smooth, and glossy !!!
    I am so proud of you, Derek ! Great job !

    You have the nicest Bimmers around there!
    Dan F
  14. 911Fanatic

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    Great job. Glad to see you kept at it. Looks awesome.
  15. sal329

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    Awesome job on both, great perseverance

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