Langka vs Dr. ColorChip - Rock Chip Repair

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    I used it on a couple spots and it does look a lot better than touch up paint, at least blob wise. I don't really see any sort of shine on it though, would the Langka be better for that since it has the lacquer included or is the Dr.ColorChip supposed to have some sort of gloss to it when it dries?
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    Berfles -
    In my experiences with Dr. Colorchip, it has always been shiny after everything dried. This drying time will vary with the amount of paint applied, temps, humidity, etc..
    As I already said earlier, the 2nd bottle of the Dr Colorchip product will smooth over the chip/s and helps level the repair/s and if its lacquer based, will bring some gloss to the paint.

    I read the blog from the link you provided and they said white is harder to match, not hard to do, and that is correct. the factory pack paint you can buy from an automotive paint store can still be off a little compared to what the people and the robot used the day that particular vehicle was painted, so set your expectations accordingly.
    If this is becoming too difficult to do, work with, etc., then perhaps you might consider taking the vehicle to a really good shop with a really good painter, who knows not only how to paint, but to change the tint of the paint to more perfectly match if this is what you are really striving for..

    Good luck, hope this helps.
    Dan F

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