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    Welcome over here Kevin. Looking forward to your write up.
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    :campfire: (patiently awaiting the release of the thesis).
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    Well, the write-up pertains to the use of M86 or M105 as applied with a random-orbital.
    Can you give me some more info and perhaps I can help you dial things in?
    There are a lot of qualified guys here that can chime in, too!

    Many times, 'gumming' of the product on the paint is related to the type of pad you are using or the amount of product.
    Sometimes, very dry or oxidized paint can really grab ahold of the abrasive in the buffing liquid.

    In order to avoid surface gumming, the pad you are using must have either enough cutting power or structural stiffness.
    One reason a wool pad works so well is because when it is spinning at high RPM, its strings are pulled taut.
    The strings are then able to slice through obstacles in its path.

    As you likely already know, the structure of foam pads varies dramatically.
    Some pads are very stiff and have the ability to 'squeegee' away buffing liquids or attached abrasives rather easily, while others are soft and pliable, and have little squeegeeing power. The differences are many- this is just one possible parameter affecting surface gumming.

    If the pad is not a factor, many times it is a case of using too much product.
    In this case, the attached abrasive is not being contacted by the buffing pad as it spins because there is too much buffing liquid between it and the pad.
    So, there is either too much liquid stuck to the pad or simply too much polish between the pad and paint surface.

    Or things just gum up for no reason at all. :shead:
    Naw, just kidding here. :poke: There is always a reason!
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    Welcome to Detailing Bliss KB, Hope to see you around :mounty:
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    I have a couple questions....

    Why use the PC over the rotary?
    What are the reasonS for applying so much down pressure to the PC?
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    When I tried the high-pressure thing with my PC, it broke. It started shooting bearing grease all over the place. I had about 3 hours run time on it before this.
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    I have a feeling we are going to start seeing that happen more often with people using this method.
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    sounds like PC will break even sooner if using this method..."it breaks, so you buy a new one, so our technicians can have a job" method doesn't work for me...
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    My PC with very little run time developed a squeal sound like metal on metal upon shut off my guess was a bearing went bad. I had it sent in for warranty and it was repaired for free. When I got it back it worked and sounded like new. Then I started using high pressure with m105. After 3 cars using the high pressure method I can hear the squeal faintly coming back. Coincidence? I don't know. I'll be switching to rotary very soon though.
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    I know im no Kevin Brown but i could shed light on my interpretation off vague posts i have read about it. Its just a way to take advantage of the abrasives in Megs new polishes. It involves spritzing water to keep the polish active since it doesnt actually break down. Will it work? I have no idea, a lot of reputable people have had huge success. Am i gonna break my machine to get the results? No. Will it break? I have no idea. the PC isnt exactly a great machine in my book.
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    I was interested to see this post resurrected. Has his infamous paper ever come out? That was a while ago when all the talk about the impending paper was all over. I love M105 and use it with a rotary. I have used it with and without water and I have also mixed it with System One X3 to extend its working time. This product will ALWAYS be on my shelf from now on!!
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    I am still waiting, waiting and waiting, lol. m105 is a hit or miss product for me, I have use more than half a gallon already and sometimes it works like a charm, yet sometimes it gives me hell lot of a problem.
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    Hey Rich - what do you think about mixing 105 with some DG501?

    Personally, I HATE 105. I feel like the second I've got it spread out on the panel, it flashes, and I can't work it anymore. I abandoned it for Menzerna Power Gloss. So, I'm wondering if mixing those two could get me a little more time to work with it.
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    Thats because it should not be spread. I have a bunch of posts on here about the proper technique with 105, try searching.
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    Karl..I don't know about that...seems to me it'd be like mixing a 50 weight oil with a 5w30. I have mixed it about 2/3 1/3 with 105 to X3...both are of a non-diminishing nature, so I think it's more a natural fit. It does take away a bit of the bite of 105 but I have really enjoyed working with it the few times I have tried it. I agree with Dan too, a product is meant to be worked as per manufacturer's instructions, although there are times that it is fun to play a bit. That mixture worked VERY well for me so if I have a heavy scratch, I'll use 105 alone; if it's medium, I'll use the mixture. Just like finding the right pad/polish combo, mixing can sometimes (and sometimes NOT) yield a cool result. Do you have any X3? If so, give 'er a go and let me know what you think...try with the 501 too, I just would have my doubts about that one, but I'm open to hear about your experience if you do..again, let me know if you do pls.
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    I'll let you know if I try it. I've got a nearly full bottle of 105 sitting there unused, so maybe I will. I don't have any System One stuff; never tried it.
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    I just picked up some 105 today so will try it this weekend. Man, I hate paying retail!
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    I have found that the 105 is nice, but I'm still partial to M85 diamond cut. They are both followed nicely by M205 though.

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