Just curious... is it possible to remove jeans' dye stains?

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by SpecC, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. SpecC

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    Here's a picture.

    It's from the dye of raw denim. Have any of you guys been able to remove this from leather? I'm skeptical since it is a dye, and it's made to stick to stuff like leather too.
  2. togwt

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    Leather Master Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner - colour transfer, sometimes called crocking. Crocking is where the dye will abrade the top coat layer of the leather. Dye transfer is a specialized cleaner and stain remover designed to eliminate colour and dye transfers on light types A (Aniline) and P (Protected) leathers and fabrics. For blue jeans transfer, newspaper print, fresh ballpoint ink, paint, shoe polish, and permanent marker.

    Typically, a dye or colour transfer penetrates through the surface of the finished leather rather than remaining on top of the finish due to the acid and / or solvents contained. For this reason, it is important to follow the product instructions and allow enough time for the product to penetrate the surface and thoroughly clean and eliminate the colour transfer.

    Note: Leather Master Leather Dye Transfer Cleaner is intended to remove stains made within the previous day or so. Older stains should be cleaned with Leather Masterâ„¢ Strong Cleaner Wipes, a stronger formula.Be cognizant that denim dye transfer cannot always be removed, in which case you'll need to re -pigment (colour) the finished leather
  3. Pureshine

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    Is the leather treated? If it is try 1z Einszett deep plastic cleaner works great on treated leather it has taken out ink marks and dye.
  4. SpecC

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    I would guess it's not treated. Thanks very much, togwt for the detailed answer!
  5. Legacy99

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    Looks like a pretty new car, what makes you say it's not treated?
  6. JSF721

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    I removed it from my wife's MDX with ultima interior shampoo.
  7. 911Fanatic

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    Thats a Mazda CX-9 so my guess is that the seats are indeed coated. "Treated" is probably not the correct terminology.
  8. Stokdgs

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    Just try the normal leather cleaner and see what happens.. Like everything else, you want to ramp up to stronger chemicals and use the least agressive one first.

    I absolutely love Einszett Deep Plastic Cleaner and use it by the 5L jug. It is a great all around cleaner and can clean leather surfaces just fine. Just be careful with it. It can be too much on weaker, older, less color holding plastic and leather materials...

    Another absolute favorite for me is Zaino Leather Soft Spray Cleaner ( Z9 ). A great product that is very effective and made just for Leather.. Leather Masters products are also very good and I am getting a few more of them all the time. Their conditioners do smell exactly like Spinneybeck, who has been making their conditioner for lots of years..

    Again, you need to experiment and innovate ! That is what we do - every day - right ??? :) :) :)
    Good luck !
    Dan F
  9. DAC17

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    Funny how we never had this problem until we started paying more money for jeans.... the old Levi's never did this. What's wrong with this picture?
  10. David Fermani

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  11. Woob

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    Caveman method: magic eraser/strong strong cleaner, abrade away.

    More specialized: LTT Dye Kit, LM Dye Product (used it and helps on fresher ink, lightens), and of course Leather Doctor. Upcharge!

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