is it possible to remove scratches from glass?

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by gerdaland, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. gerdaland

    gerdaland Virgin Detailer

    i bought a 2010 gti from a dealer in long island ny a few months ago and have noticed several scratches in the glass, mainly the windshield and drivers windows. i had some 10+yr old griots glass polish that i tried with a yellow pad on my griots orbital on speed 6 but didn't seem to budge. any ideas or is this a lost cause?
  2. JordanL

    JordanL Virgin Detailer

    I've never tried to remove scratches from glass but I do know it's possible. I would suggest using a car pro glass rayon pad on a DA and ceri glass. They're are some videos on YouTube that I believe could be helpful.
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    MGEVOX New Member

    +1 only thing I have heard that has had good results.
  4. zerix

    zerix New Member

    Sure can, but you're not going to get out deep scratches, but stuff like wiper scratches can come out great. You have to get CarPro Rayon Glass Pads and CarPro CeriGlass as Jordan said. I did this just last week on my mom's IS250 and it took quite awhile for the windshield but I got ALL the scratches and water spots out. Make sure to use firm downward pressure of the pad but not excessive amounts, you can rescratch the windshield if you're not careful. I probably had 2 hours total spent on just the windshield, I broke it down into 4 sections and probably had 30 passes or so in each of those 4 sections. It's time consuming but it definitely works. Check out the AutoGeek forums, there are a lot of threads on glass polishing.
  5. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    You need to keep Ceriglass wet, so it can get messy especially using a rotary. Taping and covering will save a lot of time when it comes time to clean up.
  6. gerdaland

    gerdaland Virgin Detailer

    thank-you, i will give it a shot. its mainly a wiper line on the windshield and a few on the drivers window from grit in the gasket.
  7. Chadh90

    Chadh90 New Member

    Thanks for the tips guys. I just ordered some to try out on my vehicles! :thumbsup:
  8. alexmarten

    alexmarten New Member

    You can clean out the small scrateches but I personally think that the deep scratches can't be removed easily at home, For this purpose you can find out the services of car detailing in SF Bay Area.

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