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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by ModernBlue9, Feb 4, 2014.

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    I was car shopping yesterday and saw a vehicle I liked, a Cadillac SRX if thats relevant.

    In great condition, but the rear seates looked like they just had two car seats taken out of them and the imprints were still prominent. I didnt snap any pictures, sorry.

    What could be done to get rid of them or improve them? It was very cold outside and it was also clear it hadn't been meticulously detailed yet.

    The only thing I could think of is to steam them and be generous with conditioner.

    Any thoughts?
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    On some VAG cars there's a new problem named sagging seats. Even on brand new cars after just a few thousand miles the leather stretches and doesn't shrink back leaving a sagging look.

    Some have tried heating the leather with low heat, ie hairdryer. Of course use causion and don't burn the paint on the leather.
    Otherwise there's not much to do, atleast no definite solution has crossed my eyes yet. Heat and careful manipulation by hand. Conditioner afterwards would be a good idea.
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    I am looking at this as a detailer and a buyer, so the rear seats are more than likely ruined.

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