How to remove Scratches on windshield?

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  1. Usjdmtuner

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    My brother has 08 G35 and already his windshield has a scratch from his wipers probably had piece of small rock that glided on the windshield and now he has that wiper scratch... not too sure how to approach it by i was thinking of polishing it with MFP and a finishing pad.. any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Asphalt Rocket

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    Just try some polish that you have, if not there is a couple of companys that sell glass polish.
  3. Usjdmtuner

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    ok.. ill give it a shot..i hope this one should cut it.. didnt know if the regular paint polish will cut through glass
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    Polishing Glass (Stage Two Surface Corrosion):
    Once the glass surface has been washed and cleaned (detailers clay) any minor imperfections can be removed with an abrasive glass polish (Autoglym Car Class Polish or DP High Performance Glass Restorer) This thick citrus-based cream safely pulls contaminants out of the glass, including alkaline mineral deposits, and then smoothes out etched glass (

    Be aware the some imperfections cannot be removed and you may have to replace it. If you can catch your fingernail in the scratch 0.4 Mil (0 .004 –inch deep) you should consult a professional glass repair / replacement company.

    A replacement windscreen can sometimes be claimed on an insurance policy without loss of no-claim bonus, dependant upon coverage (check first with insurance company).Some windscreen ‘glass’ is actually a plastic resin and will scratch easily, consult your dealer to find out what material was used for the OEM windshield.

    Methodology (b):
    •Clean glass to remove dirt, dust or road grime from surfaces (also see note 1)
    •Apply clay (Magic Clay®) and lubricant solution (WooliteTM / Water 5:1) onto the glass surface (Do not apply to plastic as dulling may occur.)
    •Apply a quarter (coin) size amount of Autoglym Car Glass Polish™ or Iz Einzette Glas Polish to a damp cutting / polishing foam pad (LC Orange or White) attached to a Porter Cable HS rotary polisher set at speed 1200 rpm.
    •Heat caused by abrasive polishing can soften and damage glass; foam pad and product used must minimize heat build-up. Since glass is a poor heat conductor any friction heat built up from polishing must be kept to a minimum by using sufficient product and regular misting of both the polishing pad and glass surface with water.
    •Apply to half of the windshield, polishing first in an up and down motion then in a left-to-right motion and then repeat on the other side, proceed to other glass surfaces.
    •Go over the glass several times in each direction, glass will polish virtually residue free.
    •Wipe off any residue, and polish with a clean dry 100% cotton Micro fibre cloth.
    •Inspect glass for clarity and smoothness. Repeat if necessary.
    •If the glass has PPG Industries Optech clear coating a more aggressive polish may be required

    Alternative products / methods:
    a) Apply Zaino Z-12 with a damp cotton cloth to cool glass, apply to small sections at a time and allow to completely dry, buffing with a clean dry cotton towel. If there is any smearing or residue left just use Stoner’s Invisible Glass or any good quality glass cleaner to remove excess residue.

    b) Janvil Scratch Remover (JV-326 / Glass Renew JV-325) - Janvil Glass Restore Scratch System

    c) Glass Technology Inc -

    Alternative pads- these 4-inch ‘Metal Polishing Pads’ are made of course, 600 grit nylon (Scotchbrite®) and are designed for hard / rough surfaces like aluminium diamond plate, pitted aluminium, chrome, and glass. Top of the Line Auto Detailing Supplies

    Extract from Section 07 Glass & Plastic Cleaning © Copyright 2008. TOGWT™ Ltd
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    The process I have used and had great success with is a cerium oxide polishing it may not remove deep scratches and pitting..but for the wiper trail scratches and not so deep stuff it WORKS....

    the kit contains a cerium oxide poeder and you make a slurry with it..and it come with a felt bob buffing pad...its about 2 inches wide..Ceriun oxide is the only abrasive that will effectively cut and polish glass next to diamond compound abrasives will polish out glass as good as Cerium oxide...I have done enough windshields to know it works....

    no it will not take out a gouge in the glass...or a cut where some one tested the diamond in thier ring on the glass..but for every day scratches it will do the's work also...takes a bit to complete the process...

    here is a few kits...I use the Caswell kit since they are close to me and I get it next day...

    here is the kit I use....

    Caswell Inc. - Glass Polishing Kit

    google up glass polishing kits and you may find others...Eastwood has one also....

    there is a ton of How to's also on how to polish glass....

    I know of a few who tried with a high speed buffer and I guess it generated to much heat and actually cracked the this kit to me is a safer way..

  6. nynd

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    Yeap - you don't want to use a polisher (hi speed that is).
  7. Usjdmtuner

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    Thank you Al.. and everyone who responded..
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    Thats Al, have been looking for something like this.

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