Hose Nozzle @ Lowes $8.00

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  1. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    This is one of those hose ends that I would scoop up as a primary or backup asap.

    Shop Gilmour 4" metal twist nozzle with rubber overmold grip at Lowes.com

    It's full heavy brass, except for a rubber cover and a rubber o-ring.

    It consists of only 2 parts, sealed with an o-ring, which means when the o-ring fails, replace it, and you have a brand new nozzle. And because it's brass it wont corrode with your hose ends.

    I have and can testify to the fact that it does not leak, and the pressure and wide spray are excellent.

    Highly recommended, quality piece.

    And for those of you with a Princess auto near by, they're selling these without the rubber coating, under the Powerfist name for 3 dollars.

    You cannot go wrong.
  2. hamza7

    hamza7 Welcome to Detailing

    Thanks for the Princess Auto tip!
  3. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    No problemo man! I bought 4 of them ;)

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