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  1. Tonya

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    I gathered some key points from OrngeZ, Calgarydetail and my own reviews. Here is a helpful list of key points you might want to include in a product review. This will help a lot of other members that have never used the product.

    Product Name
    Amount used during application
    Dilution ratios
    Lable appearance
    Directions or Application process
    Ease of use
    Smell / Scent
    Cleaning Ability
    Appearance PICS would be great! :thumb:
    Overall Comments
    Rating 1-5 (5 being the best)
    I wonder if Nica will like this enough to make it a stick :yippie:


    If anyone can think of anything else to add to the list post up, please
  2. Nica

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    Oooh well done Tonya, you ask if this is worthy to be a stick well I would first have to do this to you :hug: then :worship: and say absolutely it's worthy to be a stick.

    I've been working on one my self but I'm starting to find out that the body can only go so far with out sleep, before it shut's it's self down lol. But thank you very much for taking the time to do a guide for the reviews :thumb:
  3. Tonya

    Tonya Welcome to Detailing

    :yippie: My first sticky! :eek:mg: :woo:
    Your welcome, I didn't know that was on your to do list :shrug: Now you can cross it off your list and take a short nap. :giggle:
    Thanks for the :hug: too!
  4. Sparkie

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    My new go by for reviews list...Thank you Tonya.....

    Carlos IMO this should be a sticky.....:applause2:
  5. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

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    Nice work Tonya
  6. togwt

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    That's a great idea-a consistant list for product review.





    1. Packaging & Labelling.

    2. Is it well packaged?

    3. Are the labels durable?

    a) Helpful instructions on label?

    b) Does product do what the manufacturer claims it does?

    4. Price / Value. Is the product a good buy?

    5. If a liquid product, how much per ounce?

    6. Does a little go a long way?

    7. Easy or difficult to use?

    8. Did you read the directions and use as directed?

    9. If known, what is the pH of the product?

    10. Is it safe for enthusiasts or should it be for professional use only?

    11. Describe the product smell, viscosity and other physical traits if any.

    12. Pros / Cons.


    14. Overall Rating 1-5
  7. togwt

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    Apologies Tonya

    . . . as you get old the first thing to go is...I've forgotten what it is now ;)
  8. Sleper

    Sleper New Member

    Product Name Iron Out
    Price High
    Size gallon
    Amount used during application 1-2 oz
    Dilution ratios n/a
    Lable appearance
    Directions or Application process
    Ease of use very
    Smell / Scent terrible
    Consistency good
    Cleaning Ability excellent
    Suds Changes color
    Appearance PICS would be great! :thumb:
    Pros Product went on as stated. I only power washed the vehicle did not wash it totally (work truck was my test case) Worked very well and very easily reomoved 90% of iron deposits on side of white vehicle.
    Cons smell
    Overall Comments Excekkent
    Rating 1-5 (5 being the best) 5
  9. Nar93

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    Follow and see
    There are many good and useful products review list

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