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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by TheRustySuper, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. TheRustySuper

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    So I know a lot of people hate cleaning headliners, and usually I avoid doing them at all costs as well. However, on Sunday I'll be detailing my boyfriend's mom's car (2004 Ford Taurus, if that helps any), and she specifically asked me to do the headliner. I agreed, as I like a challenge :) I don't have any pictures but it has what looks like soda on it (seriously, I see this so much) and also something that appears to be flecks of dried vomit.From what I've read around here, headliners can be fragile and difficult to work on. I don't really have time (nor money) to pick up any more products, as I'm going to clean the car on Sunday. What I do have, is various brushes, a Bissell LGM, Megs APC, Zep Citrus Degreaser, OPC, and a bunch of microfiber towels for doing interiors. I was thinking the OPC and some gentle dabbing with a microfiber would be the best solution as it is strong yet gentle on all surfaces, but I'm still not 100% sure on what to do. Any advice?


  2. 911Fanatic

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    Hey Clark. Just dilute the OPC down to proper ratios and use it. Mist a small area ( 2 x 2 ) with the OPC and wipe with the MF. Thats it. You shouldn't have any worries.
  3. Wheelz25

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    I've had good luck before with folex as well....you can pick that up at walmart, home depot, lowes, but you said you didn't want to buy anything else.

    opc should do the trick. I tend to mist the towel and then wipe, I'm always afraid that if I spray it too direct it will leave a mark where the spray is "too heavy"
  4. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    Ya I suse Folex all the time works great.
  5. Bmer89

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    Trick I picked up from the technicians at Mercedes, when they accidentally touch the headliner with their greasy fingers. Brake cleaner. Works like a charm and I haven't had issues. I was always very conservative and cautious, and I don't really recommend using it on old or fragile headliners. For barf and such, diluted APC will do fine.
  6. rwisejr

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    I use Folex or Adams carpet and Interior cleaner. For tuffer stains I use my VX5000 with terry towel wrapped brush head .
  7. CG6Lemon

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    Besides discoloration, and fading, the next thing to worry about would be the adhesive coming loose from the chemicals. I wouldn't worry about which product will work or not work until you have a game plan to avoid causing anymore damage.
  8. TheRustySuper

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    Well I just wanted to follow up and say that OPC 3:1, a microfiber, and some gentle scrubbing worked wonders! The headliner looked like new.

    As a side note, the interior of that Taurus was some of the poorest quality that I had ever dealt with. The car had 128,000 miles on it and there were loose interior pieces everywhere, and the seats were really worn, the leather was already worn through completely in several places. There was already a tear in the driver's seat bottom at the stitching as well. I still can't fathom why she bought a Taurus, with her budget she could have found much better.

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