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  1. mike285

    mike285 Virgin Detailer

    I am going to polish my black Lexus IS350 with HD adapt. I was wondering if I should follow that up with HD polish or if adapt would leave a similar finish. thanks for your help!
  2. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    There are too many variables involved, but I have been able to finish HD adapt with b&s green pad, hydro tangerine, and rupes yellow without major issues. HD polish will finish a little nicer, but I would check what kind of finish HD adapt gives you with a light cutting pad.
  3. zerix

    zerix New Member

    In all likelihood the finish you get from HD Adapt will be near perfect.
  4. ModdedMach

    ModdedMach Birth of a Detailer

    IME, HD adapt will finish every bit as good as Polish- IN FACT, i prefer finishing with HD adapt more than polish because Adapts lubricants stay slicker throughout the polishing process and it removes a little smoother than Polish. I know that sounds picky, but when you are working on super soft paint (lexus is known to be) all those things add up to a better working experience.

    Ive used HD adapt on a blue BnS pad on fairly soft black paint and it finished 100% perfectly, im fairly sure youll do fine with adapt.
  5. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    Im not really sure which Lexus paint colors are super soft.. I have done many especially in black and find them about medium, and not ever as soft as BMW Jet Black..
    Dan F

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