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  1. Nightrider4531

    Nightrider4531 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I hope this is the right area to post. And if it isn't I apologize.

    My friends wife owns an upholstery shop in town and a lady came in and asked if they had someone who could clean this chair. So they recommended me. I just want to get some info an make sure Leather masters would be an okay product to use along with the swissvax leather brush. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. Here are some pictures.


    Thank you for the information!!!
  2. agpatel

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    Depends on the type of leather, that looks like suede or something of that nature and you will need a special cleaner for that type of fabric.
  3. Nightrider4531

    Nightrider4531 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Ummm it's a cow type leather.... That's what my friend is telling me of that helps at all.... What type of special cleaner do I need?
  4. judyb

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    This is either suede or nubuck so should not be wet cleaned.
    You will need a napping brush, a nubuck cloth and a nubuck protector. Wet cleaning will only drive the dirt deeper into the leahter. A leather brush will not be stiff enough to raise the pile on this which is what you need to do before you start any cleaning (this is done with the napping brush).
    I think LM cleaner is a foam cleaner which is not really the right thing to use and may cause some problems. These cleans are fairly straightforward but if you have not tackled one before it could be a bit dauting especially if you use the wrong methods and products.
  5. dschia

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    Is it advisable to use a steam cleaner?
  6. togwt

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    Foam Cleaner (N-Nubuck / Alcantara® and Perforated leather ) is a solvent free pump action product, which is extremely efficient for the cleaning of general soiling and water based stains on Nubuck, brushed aniline suede and perforated leathers. Always pre-test the product on a hidden area. This cleaner is an aerosol version of Leather Master™ Strong Cleaner.

    The advantage of foam over liquid is the minimum amount of moisture, very important for cleaning absorbent materials. Clean the surface with a Leather Master™ cleaning pad, or use the foam cleaner. The foam created by this aerosol has the consistency of shaving cream, making it ideal for sensitive leather.

    Do not allow to dry as it can leave spot marks. For heavily soiled areas, or where the leather has become ingrained such as in creases in the leather, a soft brush can be used to agitate and loosen the dirt.

    These steps may be all you need to clean these surface but if it still appears stained, you can try adding a small amount of white vinegar to a soft washcloth and gently buff the surface.

    Be sure to do your patch test first. For rally stubborn stains; clean the surface with 303™ Cleaner & Spot Remover (do not saturate) it removes oil, grease, ink, berry juice, wine and blood. It contains no soaps, detergents, phosphates, nitrates, caustics, toxic organics, enzymes or volatile organic chemicals (VOC)
    Using a soft upholstery brush (Swissor a Rubber Suede Brush) to raise the `nap' of the surface then apply cleaner by spraying onto a 100% cotton towel (do not saturate) allow to air dry. The surface of these leathers has no protective barrier, and as a result these leathers are very prone to soiling and staining. To protect unfinished leathers including deerskin and unfinished dyed leathers, use Leather Master™ Nubuck Protection

    • Shake well before use
    • Spray a small amount of the product no more than 12 inches from the leather's surface.
    • Use a sponge to work the foam into the soiled area, as it acts as a cushion, preventing too much pressure.
    • Gently wipe away excess foam, and allow to dry for 30 minutes.
    • Repeat for extremely soiled areas.
    • Once the area is clean, apply a Nubuck Protectant to prevent future soiling

    Leather Master™ Nubuck Protection (N-Nubuck / Alcantara®) Repellence, resists soiling and helps protect against both water and oil based stains
    (LM) Products made specifically for Nubuck (Alcantara®) leather
    • Cleaning Pad Cleans refreshes and revitalises Nubuck, brushed aniline and suede leather without the need for additional liquids or chemicals. At the same time it will restore the nap (surface appearance) of the leather to its' original look.
    • Foam Cleaner is a mild solvent product, which is extremely efficient for the cleaning of general soiling and water based stains.
    • Always pre-test the product on a hidden area.
    • Protection helps to protect Alcantara Micro suede and Nubuck leather against stains from drinks and food; it also makes the surface easier to clean.

    Alcantara® Cleaning / Care - Hints for product care and maintenance - Alcantara®

    Alternative products - Swissvax Alcantara Cleaner
  7. Nightrider4531

    Nightrider4531 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Can you please send me a link to leather masters aerosol cleaner. I can't find it. Thank you very much for all that information!
  8. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

  9. Nightrider4531

    Nightrider4531 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Thanks for all the info!
  10. Audi2.7t

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    This is where i get all my leather masters products. They have great prices and really fast shipping. Plus, a HUGE variety of LM products you just dont see anywhere else

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