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    so has Ford, doesn't mean their cars are any better than the fact in almost every segment they're not
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    I agree with that, Im refering to the products like M105, M205 etc. Not the OTC stuff that consumers buy......
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    thank you my super sleuth friend
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    These words tell the whole story on your mindset, also the later reply about the "Secrecy" of the product would lead most people with common sense to interpret that there was sort of axe to grind for whatever reason.

    Griots has sold a microfiber bonnet to put over a firm foam pad for at least two years if I remember right. Had you just said "Guys I have found if you do X on your next detail/paint correction" I would have replied "That is a good idea I will give that a try next time" but that is not what you did and DSMS questioned it then I did and then you were/are defensive about it.

    When the Megs new gear hits the shelfs, try it and if it does not better results throw it away or trade, or possibly you might like the "System" as they have been working on it for a longtime 5 years plus I believe and no company's product deserves "Monday morning quarterbacking" until a consensus of many people that have used it chime in.
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    please forgive the lack of organization this reply displays... it seems I'm being "called out" so here is my reply:

    -your sentence, "when the megs new gear hits the shelves" is the part I take issue with. its just that...a perfect finish can be had with immediately available supplies, and in a quick fashion. But, Meguiars will surely collect on the hype of a "new microfiber system".

    -Besides that, i think those who were part of the development process would have to admit that this product has an air about it as if it was the cure for a terminal disease. In contrast, Menzerna, a now popular company came to market with its polishes, allowed the end user to review the product, and has gained massive popularity through results that both enthusiast and professionals have experienced.

    -Next i'd ask you to look @ the date of this thread i made on MOL. Micro-marring - Car Care Forums: Meguiar's Online

    -the point being that microfiber pads, bonnets etc. have been done-

    -I personally think that Menzerna has been eating Meguiars lunch (for about 5 years you mentioned the "testing" took) when it comes to polishing, and without creating a massive campaign, Meguiars felt as if it would have difficulty selling its polishing products hence a brand new "solo" and next "microfiber system".

    Will Meguiars make $ with there new system. Of course... There will surely be detailers and enthusiasts who will @ least try the product and many who like it.

    -"Monday morning quarterbacking" would suggest that I made these comments after the system came out. I'd like to be the Sunday quarterback here and go on record as stating I made these comments before the release.
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    You make my point for me...........irregardless of when you posted the "Microfiber thread" it has been done by others including myself in the past, as for Menzerna I use the product daily so what is the point?.

    Menzerna has a more well rounded polishline than Megs presently, but almost everyone uses M105 for serious defect removal and in my opinion if they make a ultafine polish between M205 and the new stuff to be released they will have thier bases covered but it takes lot's of money and R&D to get a product to market and it not easy as they are a owned company of 3M which is a huge company.

    Of course you are sourcing the "Hype" on MOL.....well hello that is a "Meguiars centric forum" so what do you expect them to do?? and my point is how can you compare something you do presently with something that has not been released yet?. You made "Salty" comments and you were called on it plain and simple, I do not comment on things unless I am confident about what I am commenting on, as the saying goes "Why be suspected of being a fool, only to speak and confirm said suspected fact".
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    All I've heard whispered by the lucky detailers that got to try this system is that it's very very good. I'll speculate and say that it may be more user friendly than the first batch of M105. Anybody remember what a challange that was cause it didn't work like the regular old stuff - M85 for example. That said, there will always be more than one way to correct or polish paint. And other companies have their place too.

    I'm personally using the rotary more often due to the pain I get in my hands from running a PC and KBM to polish. And -my cyclo for nice little one steps with Menz 203.

    But, I'll probably try the new system once it comes out - if the price is right and after a few reviews get posted.
  8. rfinkle2

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    there is not a word in the english language : "irregardless" - it is a good thing you resort to quoting others to make me look like a "fool"

    I'm going to stop here... as this is usually a friendly place for me to come, and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Can we do a test though? to make it interesting?

    Here is my proposal:

    1) if the same result can be had using a microfiber bonnet over a polishing pad with po106fa as can be had with the new meguiars system...(in the same amount of time) all else being equal, i.e. polishing machine, polishing machine speed etc.

    2) you buy me the smallest bottle of po106fa from Phil's store

    3) if the same result cannot be had using a microfiber bonnet over a polishing pad with po106fa as can be had with the new meguiars system...(in the same amount of time) all else being equal, i.e. polishing machine, polishing machine speed etc.

    4) i will buy you the polish and (2 pads) of your choice from Phil's store

    the line in the sand has been drawn...
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    Again, it is your words that I reacted too. Had you said "I have a great system that works great for me that I would like to share" all would have been good, my point is why draw a line in the sand?, I do not work for Meguiars and if I did they would not want me to comment the way I have to you, so why be negative about something that you have not used yet?.

    I will not buy you anything, if your method works better .....use it and share it among others, but to have a slant and bias about something you know nothing about does not make me look bad but makes you look like there is some agenda to accomplish.

    As for this place not being friendly, well if you make a comment that is negative expect to prove the validity of why/how/where to prove your bonafides. Meguiars cannot joust with you as they have to be PC on forums......I am not PC as you can see and call it right most of the time and feel my point has been made for all to see. Reserve judgement when it is applicable regarding a company that is doing it's best to garner marketshare in a way they feel is best with thier goals.
  10. rfinkle2

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    My agenda was to share a polishing technique that I feel will yield results ( and possibly save some forum members some $ and time) similar to / superior than meguiars microfiber system.

    this type of thinking goes on all of the time here. people give their opinions on the polishes, sealants and dressings that work best for them, sometimes in comparison to other products.

    Yes, the system has yet to debut, but speculation occurs on new products before their release constantly. This is really no different.

    As you stated, meguiars is a multi-million dollar company, and surely these posts won't hurt their marketshare.
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    I tried to use PO106FA on a microfiber bonnet applied over a white Menzerna finishing pad on my solid black
    Audi A4. Yes, I cut trough the swirls but my paint is very soft and it also generated some heat and took a lot of polish to make it comfortable (so it lubricated)
  12. rfinkle2

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    thanks for trying. I sometimes mist the bonnet with water and it makes the work time of the polish last quite a bit longer.

    imo, its one of the quickest ways to cut some swirling and finish crystal clear.

    do you use po106fa with water usually?
  13. porta

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    I just wanted to try, but I will give it another shoot when I will polish the whole car. And no, I never use water with any of Menzernas polishes, except power gloss and this on almost dead, oxzidised paints.
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    I was going to leave this alone rfinkle2......until I read your contrarian remarks on the DA Microfiber thread on MOL, in the midst of proven pro's putting in thier 2 cents worth on the product and pads with pics you come along and say this......

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    want to try it early? put a microfiber bonnet over a polishing pad.

    Now are you going to play like you were "Just helping out" here on DB with a new way of doing things?, like I said I usually call it right as the tone of your original post gave you away. Want to try what early?? the new stuff from Megs is DIFFERENT from what you are doing in the pad set up to the product itself, now is the time to be honest about your intentions that you had in the first place as now we all know what is up concerning you.
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    I especially love this statement.....coming from someone who has only seen pics of the products on MOL.

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    Originally Posted by greg0303
    I don't think it's gonna be even close effect to Meg's new microfiber pads.

    what would the difference be?
  16. rfinkle2

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    auto concierge,

    You are right. My ultimate intention is to 1st take down Meguiars.... and then the world ...Muh ahhhahhahah muhahahhaha i already told u my intentions. my intentions were to speculate on the effectiveness of the new meguiars microfiber system.

    No, i don't believe that it is going to revolutionize the auto polishing world, as you don't believe that my ideas on polishing could rival Meguiar's new system.

    You reposted that I said, give it a try, i bet you'll be impressed, as I'm sure could be said of the pros stating that when the new Meguiars system comes out... people will be impressed.

    With all due respect, Im quite sure u have more hours polishing cars being a professional.
    but I am also quite sure, being a hobbyist and having polished my own cars, and friends and family's cars that a flawless finish is just that... a flawless finish.

    I am not the only one who feels this way about the system...BTW

    In closing, may it be said that I admit defeat @ the hands of both meguiars and Auto concierge...But I'll be back...Muh ahhahahah muhaahhah.
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    At some concede that you were deceptive and that is a fact. Helping "The community" is not putting down something you have never used, in fact maybe your way is far superior to what Megs is releasing, however I think even you might know that this possibly might not be the case.

    Had you put the title of this thread on MOL, it would have been clipped with "The quickness" not because Megs cannot take competition or a critical opinion when made on a level playing field, but because you made comparisons based upon a product that one you have never used and two a product not even released yet.

    I can only surmise by your posts that you are bent because of the secresy and drawn out time frame of the products release(although most guys are chomping at the bit because they know the product is quality) and I already conceded in a earlier post that Menzerna has a more well rounded polishing line up presently but if Megs added a ultrafine polish like 85RD they would be covered, so why the "Hate" what do you care?? use what you use and stay in your lane....."You follow" .

    I think that some of the comments from proven industry pro's from Kevin Brown to Bryan Burnsworth, Chad in Minnesota, Dave in New Jersey, Dave Fermani in Florida, Joe @ Superior, Mike Phillips, Myself ........and others I forgot to mention well you get the picture now...... hopefully.
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    auto concierge,

    They may have edited it... who knows. It is a Meguiars cheerleading competition over there.

    I posted the comment in the thread pertaining to the 2011 Microfiber system. i feel that is appropriate. We don't have one of those here.

    where did I put down Meguiars?

    Would you or Meguiars have been this tenacious if I wrote, "want to try the new Ultimate wax early? ...smear hoagie oil on your paint". My point being, why are you worried about lil ol me, who isn't even a professional?

    man, u oughta send them this thread in the hopes they'll hire you. you are a bulldog.

    Do u want an apology? I'm sorry for saying that I think Meguiars new microfiber system will not be as good as putting a microfiber bonnet over your polishing pad.
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    You are right about the "Bulldog" part when it relates to "Internet shenanigans", the title of your thread states the hype the system is "Commanding". Why not say "Guys even though the Meguiars micro fiber system is coming out, I have a really good way to correct paint with putting a microfiber bonnet over a firm foam pad used in conjunction with some Menz polishes"..........but the undertone was and is sarcasm and doubt in light of the fact you have not had the product in your hands for god's sake!.

    Griots has been selling "Your system" for quite a while, so is it that you think that you could not come up with an idea that works great up to and beyond Meguiars new system?? and that is your problem?? that because you are a enthusiast detailer you are not given any respect?? respect is given when you act with respect accordingly. You made some statements here and on MOL, were called on it...became defensive and here we are.

    At some point and I hope it is soon, you finally "Get it" and know your own words tripped you up....take it like man......and move on...please.
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    As for respect, I don't get respect for polishing cars, I get respect for my character and morals.

    Whatever you want me to admit... i hereby admit (pertaining to this auto polishing thread).

    ahhh the last word is what u need... the next post # is yours, my friend.

    You have silenced David...Goliath

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