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    Well I pride myself on having tried just about everything and recently have been experimenting with some of the higher end waxes. I have tried quite a few with the exception of some of the higher end ones which obviously I don't want to drop 500 to 2k on something that I will probably only use once since I am pretty set in my ways and pretty hapy with the product I am using now. Combine that with hating to see some descent product not be used and go to waste I figured I would throw it out here and see if anybody want to make a trade. All I am looking for is 1/2 to 1 oz of any one of the high end waxes such as SV Mystery, SV Divine, Z Destiny, Z Atlantique, or Z Vintage (I already have a small sample of Vintage but would not refuse another).

    And in return I would send you...

    30oz of Freedom One Orig, 30 oz of Freedom One new formula

    95 % full bottle of Optimun Hyper Compound

    2oz ONR

    4oz Blackfire Sealant

    1 orange Griot 6" pad used once
    1 yellow LC pad never used

    I am also willing to throw in, if you like
    up to 12oz of 83
    up to 12 oz 26 liquid wax
    and 1 gallon of CG Magic Seal

    Also willing to hear any revisions or request.

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