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    I think it's amazing just how quickly all this technology has evolved. I'm 17 (yeah yeah, not that old), and I have a brother who is 4 years younger than me. When I was younger, I NEVER used the Internet. After all, we had dial-up and there weren't a ton of websites out there anyway. I was probably 12 or 13 before I actually started using the computer much at all. I watched VHS's and listened to cassettes, and hardly watched any TV...since we only had basic cable. And I actually prefer vinyl records over MP3 music. I got a cell phone at 13 but didn't get texting till about a year and a half ago. But anyway, my brother has no clue how to play a cassette or use a VHS player or a record player. He was on the computer and playing video games at a much earlier age than me. And I've always loved being outside and doing stuff, but he always preferred being inside doing things with electronics. I know I'm not really that old, but the difference between how I've grown up and how my brother has is kind of surprising.
  2. CEE DOG

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    Excellent post! Loved it and have to email it to a couple of buddies. Thank you!
  3. mutmanns

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    This is a really good post and very true. We talk about this quite a bit at work. Do you guys remember when you could actually remember someone's phone number? These days if you leave your phone at home and you have to call somebody, 9 times out of 10 you are not going to have their phone number memorized. Technology is great but in a way it is really "dumbing us down"
  4. Peugeot

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    HA! Freaking awesome!

    However, I don't envy these kids nowdays AT ALL.

    Trouble being a kid today:
    1. Everybody's fat and lazy. So are you.
    2. No looking down woman's blouses. They'll call you a perv and you have to go to counseling.
    3. No running around like a hyper idiot. Do it and they say you have ADHD and pincushion you with half a dozen drugs.
    4. You have no discipline 'cause your folks didn't want CPS to take you away.
    5. Pssst, that trophy you got for "excellence" was for just showing up.

    This list could get long!
  5. supercharged

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    Text messaging should be taxed @ $0.10 per message EVEN IF you subscribe to unlimited messaging...sick and tired of people playing this "deaf game" at work instead of being busy with work...
  6. racersky

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    I'm not even 30 yet and I agree with you on this
  7. JoeyV

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    Well, I'm 24 BUT...

    I walked an average of 15 miles to high school morning and night (grade school was with big yellow buses :))

    I only got INTERNET in 2005, same time as my first cell phone, because until then, I had a pager...which I paid for myself:D. Which means to know something, I had to ask a LOT of questions! :p

    I still play Super Nintendo (which came out in like 1991?)

    I had a pen-pal which I still chat with - we've evolved into emailing now though, lol

    I had my ass whooped MANY times for being a brat.

    I grew up listening to RECORDS of Bon Jovi and ZZ-Top and recording to a tape off the radio - feeling the DJ comment BTW!

    I played outside every day with my ONE friend...I was a loner.

    I had cartoons and a micro wave though! haha, put a LOT of things in that microwave as an infant. :lol:

    I guess it's more of a "anyone who was born in the '80s or earlier" that really gets this.

    Great post though, made me laugh. :applause:

    I'll add this too: Back in those days, men were MEN and boys would go over and talk to girlies! Young men these days don't have the cohones! Chicks have to pick THEM up...but the reason behind that is a totally different subject.
  8. flatstick

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    Wow, this was a great post. I tell my kids all the time that they have it too easy. someday they will have kids and see how the shoe fits , when it is on the other foot LOL ! glad to see others feel like we have lost communication skills with all of the technology advances we have seen. yes I will be sending this to a few friends who can relate as well. I for one am glad that I was brought up the way I was as I still appreciate everything that I have in my life.
  9. RTexasF

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    Very well said my amigo. I'm approaching 62 so I WELL understand! Color TV? HAH! TV was just getting invented!
    There was one wax for your car..... Simonize, dried rock hard and was a mother to remove. If you had a 3 speed English bike you were among the elite. Lock your doors.......why? Different times they were (in Yoda voice).
  10. Sublime

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    I remember doing a university assignment in 1996 and the head of department wouldn't let me use "the Internet"'as a reference. I was lucky that my old man had access to it at his work. He used to take me in on Saturday mornings so I could do research. No facebook distractions back then. It was all text and the odd photo that took too long to load to be bothered looking at it.
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    haha this is good. Im 23 and i grew up as technology blew up. I remember in school we had the old school macs with the real floppy disks. Im talking about the discs that are bigger then a childs head. I remember getting are first VCR it was a huge deal and a big purchase.My first game consol was a Super Nintendo but i only played it at night because those were the good old days when kids played outside untill the street lights came on. I didnt start listening to music untill after CDs came out and i had sony walkman which took all my allowance from the summer to save up.I remember getting our first computer. It was a 166mghz and it was originally costed $2400 but we some how got it for $1800. I got a cell phone at age 13 because i was going to school dances but texting was not avaliable then. I was not aloud to call anyone but my parents with my phone. I remember how i finally got my dads permission to download napster on the home computer with Dial up 28k...haha took 30 minutes to download 1 song. Then 6 weeks later Napster was shut down.haha but luckily my dad was really into computers so we also bought a CD burner right before i got napster. Its amazing just looking back how much has changed since i was a kid.
  12. daveinsweethome

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    will all the detailers that lived through simonize please stand up. that is if you are able. my first detail was my dads 60 ford with simonize. put it on entire car let dry completely and then removed with a diaper (remember those?) s.o.b. gave me $5 and even at 11 years old i knew i had just been screwed. of course child abuse laws didnt exist and he got away with it.
  13. mbaledge

    mbaledge Virgin Detailer

    This is a great post. It's very humorous, but a little sickening at the same time. Now, I'm 24, and had and have a few luxuries that the older generations may not have had, but I'll tell you that I wish I grew up in an earlier era.

    I've grown to despise smart phones, and if I didn't need one for work, I probably wouldn't have one. When I'm out with someone, I'm out with that person or group only. Not all of my Facebook friends and myspace friends and everyone in my contacts list. I can also think of few things more rude than being occupied on your phone while "talking" to a cashier/waiter/whatever. If I'm out and about, the phone stays in the car.

    I've started doing something recently that I find rather amusing while in a public place. If I'm on Bart or at DMV or wherever there are a ton of people illuminated by the pale glow of their iPhones, I'll approach someone and ask them if they would be interested in being a part of a new social network I'm trying to get off the ground. People usually assume it's something like Facebook or twitter, and are very game to participate. I then tell them it's called "talking to the people around you and making new friends" or whatever I happen to come up with. At this point, some people take stalk of how ridiculous it is to be buried in cyberspace while there are tons of real people around them and will continue to engage me, and often times others in the area will slowly put their phones away and make their way into the conversation. I love it. On the other hand, some people will just ignore me and take another bump off of their crackberry. Can't win them all, right?

    I remember growing up in an unincorporated part of town, with nothing but a bike and a ton of trees that needed climbing. At my school, there was maybe one fat kid in the entire class, but even he would get out and play. Even now, I prefer to be outside and active, and the only thing I really watch on television is baseball(Go Giants!)

    It really is amazing to see how far we've gone, all the while becoming more distant at the same time. Wow, this turned out to be a bit more of a rant than I had expected, but if you'll excuse me now, I've got to get back to work!
  14. flatstick

    flatstick Birth of a Detailer

    It really is amazing to see how far we've gone, all the while becoming more distant at the same time. Wow, this turned out to be a bit more of a rant than I had expected, but if you'll excuse me now, I've got to get back to work![/QUOTE]

    No worries on your rant from me. the statement that I quoted from you embodies what I believe to be a growing problem with people today. nobody knows how to communicate with people face to face. I know my kids hate the stories of when I was growing up but I have told them that I would not have traded it for anything. all of the technology has made a lot of people lazy and impatient. nice to know others out there feel the same as me and my wife do.
  15. RTexasF

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    I'm standing.......yes, I still can! Five bucks was great money at that time. My allowance, which required MANY chores to be done & done correctly, was 25ยข per week.
  16. EvoFire

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    I hear it all the time! But I don't ever remember having it THAT sweet, maybe cause I'm chinese, and my parents are SUPER chinese.

    School? Maybe not 15 miles, more like 2, but I had to make my own way there, no one drove me.

    I was always out, I got to everywhere on my bike.

    No cell phone until I was 16.

    I read books, used the World Book for reference. Internet research was off limits for half the assignments.

    No internet at home until it was year 2002.

    And yeah I got my ass beat all the time. Maybe again, cause I'm chinese.

    I'm only 22!

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