FOR SALE!!! CCS PADS and more..

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  1. OrngeZ

    OrngeZ Birth of a Detailer


    All CCS pads are used...except the blue one still in packaging......any way......the towels are as follows...2 blue silk edge towels, 1 cobra jr mf towel, 1 micro suede towel, 1 teal edgeless towel...used but in good condition...retail new on all this stuff is over 150 bucks...100 dollars shipped to whoever wants it and

    I will throw in a 16oz bottle of Chemical Guys Jetseal109...... 38 dollar value!!!
  2. OrngeZ

    OrngeZ Birth of a Detailer

    btw..i meant to add OBO and I am up for trades as well...
  3. Berscht

    Berscht Jedi Nuba

    I would be very interested in purchesing your item. PM me with info.

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