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Discussion in 'Sale, Trades, or Bargains' started by eShine, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. PAUL

    PAUL Virgin Detailer

    Thanks Chris.
  2. eShine

    eShine Guest

  3. richy

    richy Guest

    Dang..great price on those..especially with the volume discounts!
  4. corrswitch

    corrswitch Jedi Nuba

    Great name for the product.

    Great product for me, my budget is too low to afford the more expensive towels.

    Not afraid to admit I'm a cheapo :)
  5. PAUL

    PAUL Virgin Detailer

    After my little email exchanges between Chris and myself last night - I now know that he drinks girly drinks when he need's to come up with names for these towels!
  6. eShine

    eShine Guest

    LOL, You have no idea how many names we go through before picking one! After going through so many names I said, so...what do we want to call the El Cheapo Towels? Me and Erin looked at eachother and laughed at the "El Cheapo" comment, low and behold...the El Cheapo towel!
  7. PAUL

    PAUL Virgin Detailer

    El Cheapo is quite funny.

    I get a "what??" look when I recommend the Cookie monsters.
  8. eShine

    eShine Guest

    We used to call our towels some generic name like "Ultra Towel" etc. When we started giving them names (especially our unique names) sales tripled the first week and ever since Microfiber is one of our best sellers. We used to order 100 towels at a time and that would be enough for a month. We now sell 100 a day.
  9. PAUL

    PAUL Virgin Detailer

    That will buy you plenty of liquor
  10. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Man I love the name :thumb:

    I still like the Cookie Monster, so unique :lol:
  11. eShine

    eShine Guest

    We are looing at adding more lines soon. A few ideas I have are Duragloss, Meguiars Detailer Line, Dodo. Also looking at finding some decent detailing brushes. How do the mentioned lines sound?
  12. Duratys

    Duratys Welcome to Detailing

    Sounds good to me Chris. Ive been lookin to get some Duragloss.
  13. PhoTuGo

    PhoTuGo Jedi Nuba

    +1 Duragloss
  14. corrswitch

    corrswitch Jedi Nuba

    +2 Duragloss as well.

    Also if you could add detailed descriptions to them, that would be great. Still kinda confused between them, they sound similar to each other.
  15. eShine

    eShine Guest

    This is a major problem when a manufacturer barely gives the info themselves.
  16. Berscht

    Berscht Jedi Nuba

    Duragloss would be good. Meguiars detailer brand would be even better!
  17. blas

    blas Birth of a Detailer

  18. phillystyle

    phillystyle Virgin Detailer

  19. Buddy

    Buddy Getting to know Detailing

    I say bring in Dura-Gloss first. That should be quik and easy to do...:shrug:
  20. Nica

    Nica Banned

    I agree Duragloss would be wicked...I think I've been bugging you about this for quite some time now...:fs: :fs:

    By the way I'm running really, really low on Duragloss hurry up and get some :whistle:

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