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Discussion in 'Sale, Trades, or Bargains' started by eShine, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Auto Concierge

    Auto Concierge DB Pro Supporter

    Great work, but why discount?.............. charge what is needed and fair, showcasing products are fine but doing the job for cheap hurts everyone in the long run as I get the "Well this guy will do the job for this much" speech every week. Five hours divided $125.00 = $25.00 not covering wages and utilities unless you are paying MINimum wage and detail in the dark.............. as even the minimum wagers get workman's comp/fica products used even if you get 50 points and can write them off makes the job "Loss leader" at best.

    Love the effort and turnaround on the interior, but the industry never advances because someone will always do a job for 50% less than it should be. This would be like me starting a e-commerce site and selling products you sell for the "Cheapness".......................... and what if I happen to be a "Rich guy" who makes my profit in another field and can blow out the products to gain market share?? me thinks a different attitude might be taken on this thought process and you would feel like the detail shops in your area who do not discount work way below what it should be.
  2. brk4euros

    brk4euros DB Pro Supporter

    Well done!

    Excellent point sir. Be confident and charge appropriately. We will all benefit.
  3. Airpledge

    Airpledge Virgin Detailer

    Hey there,

    I placed an order for a bunch of stuff of on earlier this week and I just received my order.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Optimum Polish II and what the difference between the old formula and the new formula is? I'm concerned that because my polish didn't come with a "New Formula" sticker that it is the older version. Is there any way to tell when it was manufactured?

    It's my first time doing paint correction and I just want to make sure I'm using quality products.

  4. mrgolfrider

    mrgolfrider DB Forum Supporter

    I believe this should have been addressed to eShine and not here.
  5. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

    We go through Optimum products very quickly. None of our stock is more than 1-2 months old.
  6. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

  7. frankiman

    frankiman Birth of a Detailer

    When credit is due, I give it!

    Some might recall my bad experience with Eshine. If not, I guess it's not that important but let's just say that my last 3 orders all had a problem (some could be as small as 10$ other slightly more expensive). I had a little difficulty getting a hold on Chris but we finally came to an agreement. I then proceeded with an order of 1300$ last week.

    - I got an email confirmation saying it would be ship the following day. I got my order within 48 hours.
    - Unfortunately, I was missing one item and got a white pad instead of a black pad. I emailed Diane friday. I got both item shipped express post yesterday!:headbang: ( again within 24-48 business hour!)

    Having a problem is not a problem with me. As long as we take care of the problem and make it right, I'm a happy man. End of story, Chris might be a bit hard to catch but he's willing to make it right and I highly respect that.
  8. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

    Glad it ended up OK in the longrun. We are growing so fast it can be hard sometimes to keep the ship sailing straight. Right now the ship is in calm water, everyone is doing their job well and I hope to keep it that way!
  9. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    I do too. :applause:

    Ninja Edit:
    ^This. I want to order a few items that are on backorder right now. Is it possible to be put on a "priority" list?
  10. minorc

    minorc Two Bucket System Washer

    Eshine has been pretty reliable for me in the past, I like dealing with them, only thing I would suggest to them is to boost your inventory levels on popular items and sale items. 7 weeks and counting for a few towels and a dash cleaner.
  11. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

    You would think it is easy to have stock on popular products but it is a real PITA. Manufacturers are backordered and backed up. We can't get product in fast enough and many times it is a competition on who gets the next shipment! We have had some products ordered for months and they are still on a boat somewhere! LOL Last I heard from our Microfiber manufacturer is the warehouse was fired. I translate this to either the place caught on fire or someone lost their job.
  12. pecka13

    pecka13 Birth of a Detailer

    What makes you think the old version is not a quality product?
  13. Chris@Optimum

    Chris@Optimum DB Certified Manufacturer

    Our paste polishes were reformulated in May 2011 and we only add the stickers for about 6 months so it's not unusual that it's missing. I can verify that eShine keeps current on his stock based on his order frequency. If you have a concern based on performance or appearance, just let eShine or us know and we'll happily address it.

    Our Polish II and Finish are a little on the thin side, but shaken well before use and being sure to prime the pad you will find them a pleasure to work with especially for a beginner. Stop polishing and add some product when the trail behind the pad starts to dry and be sure to do a test spot before attacking the whole vehicle.
  14. Zookie

    Zookie Jedi Nuba

    ill come down again
  15. mrd0t

    mrd0t Obsessive Detailer

    LOL@Mechanical Bull being there.
  16. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

    This ain't Texas. Our bulls have batteries and lights.
  17. cleung

    cleung Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Are the El Cheapo towels $2.85 for 2 with the buy one get one? Or is the $2.85 already the discounted price for 1 towel?
  18. mrd0t

    mrd0t Obsessive Detailer

    Fancy eh!
  19. GloomyX

    GloomyX Birth of a Detailer

    Are you gonna detail the mech. bull? :headbang:
  20. astro_ng

    astro_ng Jedi Nuba

    $2.85 a piece, but you get one for free. So essentially $2.85 for two.

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