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  1. fellowsdrake

    fellowsdrake Two Bucket System Washer

    Alright alright alright already!! Is there a particular order to apply prima's line if product? Again I still don't even know what a sealant actually does.
  2. Chas

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    Interior - Nero straight onto interior trim

    Exterior - Wash paint, trim, wheels, tires, etc. thoroughly. For the paint, apply Amigo first, then whatever sealant you desire whether it be Epic or Hydro or Banana Gloss, I would probably do Banana Gloss last if you are using it as a topper to Epic. For exterior trim, as long as its clean, you can apply Nero straight to trim. Might help to use an applicator pad for more precise coverage and for smaller areas. A little goes a long way with most of Prima's products.
  3. Holden

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    This thread has become an informational thread :shead:. Oh well, always willing to help out with what I can. A sealant is equivalent to a wax in that it is a last step for protection on your paint. The difference lies in that a sealant is usually synthetically produced: meaning "chemists" create a formula through the use of chemicals (that's the easiest way I can describe it). Waxes almost always contain carnauba which is brazilian wax from the leaves of the palm "Copernicia Prunifera." Notice that most wax brands will try to sell how much carnauba their wax contains by volume. No wax though can contain 100% though as I believe it would be rock hard and pretty much impossible to try and apply to a vehicle's finish. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    The difference you ask? Well one way to look at it is that one is seen as synthetic and the other is more "natural." THEY BOTH PROVIDE PROTECTION FOR YOUR PAINT! Many will argue that sealants and waxes tend to produce different shines, depths, clarity, etc. It all comes down to personal preference of what you enjoy and how often you maintain your vehicle's finish.

    So why use a sealant or a wax? Well, sealants usually tend to provide longer protection versus waxes but this isn't always the case. The application of a sealant to a wax is most often very different as well. From what I've read, some waxes can provide equivalent protection of some sealants but they are usually on the higher end of the price market (Swissvax and Auto Finesse come to mind).

    In my humble opinion from someone who only details personal cars and cars for friends, I like to stick with sealants or hybrids (sealant & wax together in one formula). They aren't relative expensive and provide long lasting protection. Occasionally will I use a wax but only on my personal vehicle as it's something of an old past time. For most of us, detailing is a hobby and there is nothing liking waxing your ride on the weekend :thumb:.
  4. fellowsdrake

    fellowsdrake Two Bucket System Washer

    Haha wow thank you Holden!! I've been doing both hydro spray sealant and their spray wax. (Wasting product) Like you I only do my cars for now so a longer lasting LSP is more appealing to me. Thank you for clearing this up.

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