Divine Detail - 2008 Range Rover (heavy pictures)

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by Divine Detail, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. zoomzoom mazda5

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    Awesome write-up and detail too!.........:worship:
  2. ZeroGravity

    ZeroGravity Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I got one picture of it from the show...


    More (and slightly bigger) pictures from the show here:
  3. GBS

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    Excellant write up and detail. Looks like a nice paint job with little orange peal.
  4. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    That's an outstanding work! You really show detailed perfection! Love lots of pics!!!
    Did you say supercharged???
  5. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Oooh thank you for the posting the picture, I'm heading to the car show tomorrow I can't wait to see it. A few co-workers were there today and said that the Range Rover stands out from the other vehicles but that it's easy for peole to touch and finger prints all over the place. I was told that there was another vehicle, a green..um..not sure what it was but according to my coworkers they felt it compared to the Range Rover we detailed...I can't wait to head down tomorrow :woo:

    The reflection on the picture looks good but I wonder how it will look in real life...mmm...:thinking: I wonder how the rims look..:thinking: darn it is it Sunday yet :wall:

    :nod: yup supercharged, this vehicle has power :druling:
  6. klumzypinoy

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    Hopefully you guys get to detail the new GTR :)
  7. Sparkie

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    Man amazing turn around...Thanks for sharing.....:applause:
  8. Smith2287

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    Very very good work there, what a amazing SUV. I loved your write up even more, very well organized and lots of pictures!!!!!!:applause2::applause2:
  9. Divine Detail

    Divine Detail DB Pro Supporter

    Thanks for posting up that picture of the vehicle!!I was in there on Friday night, and the car definatly looked great. Unfortunate that people were able to get so close and felt the need to paw the vehicle...or lean over it smacking it with their zippers :shakehead:
    Thanks very much, yepp: SUPERCHARGED!

    Ahhhh that'd be a fun vehicle to detail. It had a HUGE crowd around it at the show

    Thanks very much!!

    Glad to hear you enjoy it, and thanks for the kind comments. We take a lot of pride in these writeups, and we're glad to hear you guys enjoy them!
  10. detailersdomain

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    nice work guys!

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