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    I own a successful auto detailing shop in PA. and I was going to add a chemical sales division and website but changed direction and am focusing only on the detailing.

    I secured a domain name through GoDaddy and no longer need it.

    It is registered at GoDaddy until 5/20/20.

    I am the owner of the name.

    The domain name is:

    It is perfect for any detailing chemical, blog, advice column, etc.

    I am looking to sell the name or trade.

    I would like $600 obo or $800 in trade value.

    Trades I’d preferred would be: used: enclosed trailer or skid mount system.

    New chemicals or gift card to a national chemical supplier. (detailed image, detail king,etc)

    Will consider working with a national company on a barter.

    If offering a trade with a trailer or skid mount please be within 100 miles of Berks County PA.

    Thank you
    C & J’s Precision Auto Detailing Services

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