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    Hello everyone,

    I want to get into proper washing and detailing of my vehicle but right now I am pretty clueless about everything. I want to go towards the two bucket washing method that I saw chemical guys do. I will need 2 buckets for paint and 1 bucket for wheels, all with grit guards. Did you guys buy the name brand buckets like chemical guys, mothers, auto chem, etc or just grabbed white buckets from home depot or even dollar store? If you just bought the generic buckets, which grit guard had the best fit for them? Are there big differences between name brand buckets vs generic ones or is the extra cost sorely for the name premium?
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    Got my buckets at Lowe's.....the Grit Guards do not go all the way to the bottom, however. Gave some thought to trimming them....but did not want to create any sharp edges.....they go about two-thirds of the way down into the bucket

    QUENGA Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I use Home Depot (orange) buckets and the Grit Guards drop in just fine. I've had the same wash bucket since 2008 when I first got into detailing. 8 years out of a bucket that cost $2.34, I can't remotely understand why people buy branded wash buckets. It's absurd if you ask me.

    Could be a coincidence, but I've used Lowe's (dark blue) and Walmart (light blue) branded buckets. I thought they'd just be the same, but they can't be. The Lowe's buckets have collapsed / warped due to heat and I've broken 2 Walmart buckets. I've had all my HD buckets for a years longer and not a single issue. HD also sold Gamma lids for $7, which is the cheapest I've found any where. I never used a Grit Guard with the Lowe's bucket, but the Walmart ones fit just fine.
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    Grit guards work perfectly in the Home depot orange buckets as stated

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