Detailer's Domain: 2016 BMW M3 in Ferrari Red gets a new car prep and Nanolex SI3D HD

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    2016 BMW M3 in Individual Color - Ferrari Red gets cleaned up for Nanolex SI3D HD Ceramic Coating

    Most will ask why would we need a "new car prep" when my car is new....hopefully the below will answer some of your questions.

    What is new?
    We consider a new car is new up from 50-100 miles or 1 month after purchase.

    What is done?
    • Remove any plastics or wrappings from the factory
    • Remove any existing transportation/storage dirt without marring or scratching the paint
    • Remove surface contaminants ie:leftover adhesive, tree sap, traffic film, rail dust, overspray, etc.
    • Bring out the full potential of the paint by increasing gloss and smooth paint surface
    • Provide a durable protection of the exterior surfaces using high quality sealants or coatings
    • Provide a professional inspection of your vehicle's paintwork
    What to look out from the dealership.....
    • The products used are not necessarily the best available for your car
    • The work is likely to be done by "detailers" who don't have the training or equipment
    • Lack of training can lead to subpar results or even worse swirls/burnt paint/holograms
    • Shortcuts due to time constraints will cause dealerships to rush a job and steps maybe skipped to complete the car

    Nanolex SI3D and HD
    Based on its unique Si3D technology, Nanolex Car Care offers a range of products specifically developed and designed to fulfill the highest demands and needs of our professional customers.

    The Nanolex Si3D molecules - precursors of ceramic and hybrid materials - consist of silica, nitrogen, hydrogen and organic compounds such as carbon. These high-performance polymers are all solvent and fluorine free.

    The additionally-implemented thermoplastic component forms an incredibly hydrophobic, flexible, cross-linked matrix to give an outstanding hardness and durability.

    Nanolex Si3D is extremely weather and chemical resistant, which in turn provides excellent corrosion protection with easy-to-clean properties.

    Nanolex Si3D can also increase the total hardness of the paint to up to 9H+, adding a clear coat with a color-darkening effect to the treated surface. Depending on the number of applied layers of Nanolex Si3D, the thickness of the coating can vary. The coating thickness, combined with the sophisticated structural nature of the Nanolex Si3D matrix, make the coatings resistant to abrasion caused by frequent washing and resistant against most chemical substances.

    An important part of automotive coatings are solvents. The liquid consistency, viscosity and volatility of the product is highly dependent on the used solvents. Nanolex Car Care do not incorporate any aromatic solvents in their product formulations, due to the high potential of ‘hazardous-to-health’ character, thus making them safe use in an enclosed environment.

    The Si3D coatings have very good ‘solvent release’ properties - about 90% of the solvents will evaporate during the first 24 hours, with the remaining 10% evaporating within one week. Please take note that solvent evaporation is also greatly dependant on temperature and weather conditions.

    Nanolex Car Care do not incorporate any aromatic solvents in their product formulations, due to the high potential of ‘hazardous-to-health’ character, thus making them safe use in an enclosed environment.

    Unlike traditional protective coatings such as car wax and conventional polymer coatings, where the protective efficiency decreases with time, and from using degreasing or alkaline detergents, or because of mechanical removal, Nanolex Si3D coating exhibits outstanding durability and a tough insensitivity to abrasion from frequent washing and the use of strong alkaline or acidic detergents.

    Full list of products used during the new car process

    Nanolex Prewash Concentrate
    Nanolex Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover
    Nanolex Tar Remover
    Nanoskin Autoscrub Sponge
    Uber Clay Bar
    Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant
    Nanolex Glass Cleaner
    Meguiar's M101
    Meguiar's M205
    Nanolex Tire and Trim Restorer
    Nanolex SI3D Pro Installed Product

    Nanolex Interior Cleaner
    Nanolex Textile and Leather Sealant

    Tools used:
    Metro Vac N Blo Car Vac Pro Series PRO-83BA CS
    Metro Air Force Blaster 8 hp
    Rupes LHR15 MKII
    Rupes LHR75E
    Buff and Shine Uro MF Pad
    Meguiar's Microfiber Cutting Disc
    Meguiar's Microfiber Finishing Disc
    Uber Green Foam Pad
    Uber All Purpose MF Towels
    Uber Classic MF Towels
    Uber High Tech Glass Microfiber Towels
    Scangrip Multimatch Light

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