DD and a Nogaro B5 S4 /Lusso Oro

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by detailersdomain, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Nogaro has a place in my heart my was stolen. This one was a pretty difficult detail too about 12-13 hours 1 person over 2 days. Tons over rail dust, light scratches, swirls, hazing etc...

    Products used:
    Adam's Car Wash
    Adam's VRT
    Adam's In and Out
    Adam's Undercarriage Spray
    Adam's Glass Cleaner
    Leather Master Strong Cleaner
    Leather Master Protectant
    Leather Master Vital (Conditioner)
    Einszett Cockpit
    Einszett Glas Polish
    Adam's Grey Clay Bar with Adam's Detail Spray
    Menzerna SIP
    Menzerna 85RD
    Lusso Oro
    Lake Country CCS Pads (yellow, orange, white, blue)

    Tools used:
    3m sun gun
    Metabo 12-175
    Lots of towels

    Before shot:


    Before shot of panel:

    After shot of panel with the SIP and 85rd punch!

    Correction shots of the passenger side rear quarter

    After SIP:

    After 85rd:

    After shots:
  2. 02CAMSS

    02CAMSS Jedi Nuba

    Nice work!
  3. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    Great work! :xyxthumbs

    Sun Gun shots are great! I am getting tired for people posting their "details" with no swirl removal pics.

    :( Everyone is using the Metabo now. I feel embarrassed that I haven't even tried the latest one yet.
  4. Calgarydetail

    Calgarydetail Getting to know Detailing

    nice work, the car looks awsome
  5. 89s1

    89s1 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    You did too good my friend, I see orange peel in the paint.

    luckily you didnt paint it, the detail job looks awessome!
  6. klumzypinoy

    klumzypinoy Nuba Guru

    Awesome work and that car's looking good. I like that blue. Never heard of Lusso Oro, gonna google it!

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    Wow the paint looks so wet its GREASY!!!

    I think im going to use the Lusso on the detail this weekend!

    Is Lusso similar to SOuveran? Thats my take on it from just messing around with it
  8. pirex

    pirex DB Certified Dealer

    Nice job :D And I love that car, and the color!!SWEET :D
  9. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    My absolute favorite Audi color. EVER! The only problem is that it looks tougher than black to keep looking perfect.

    Amazing work as usual Phil, sorry to hear that yours got stolen...

    Any pics of your RS6?
  10. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Very nice detail, love the pictures and the colour what can I say about the colour it's wicked :righton:

    I'm a big fan of blue.

    You always use nice products, always get my attention on the products you use.

    Thanks for sharing buddy.
  11. Calgarydetail

    Calgarydetail Getting to know Detailing

    phil, i have a quick question
    I noticed on this one you uused a diffrent wax.

    you used Lusso Oro instead of the siwssvax stuff, i looked at your website ad read about the new stuff, im just wondering if you could giveme some info on it. whats it like, how long does it lasts all that kidna stuff.

    and the Lusso Oro looks awsome on the blue
  12. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Lusso oro is a great wax, I used this as well as Swissvax. No reason really just wanted to use it.

    Last about as long as Swissvax and I applied it with a PC with the blue CCS pad.
  13. RussECU

    RussECU DB Forum Supporter

    How does the paint cleaner compared to say Swissvax paint cleaner, Victorias Paint cleaner, or HD cleanse?
  14. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    its good but unlike the others you can ditch the revitalizing cream if you have already done the paint correction. I would say its more like P21S paint cleanser you can use it but you don't have to if you already polished just say with Menzerna.
  15. FMINUS

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    Lusso Oro is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay underhyped
  16. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    That's great to hear.
  17. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    how about a huge group buy for Lusso?
  18. FMINUS

    FMINUS DB Pro Supporter

    Can you call Lusso and have them make MORE stuff?

    Hows their other lines?

    And YES GB for Lusso
  19. RussECU

    RussECU DB Forum Supporter

    Sounds good!
  20. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    so let's get a list going?

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