Dash scratches and speakers

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by jpl8910, May 22, 2012.

  1. jpl8910

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    Hi guys. I just have a few questions. I am by no means a detailer; Just a guy that likes to keep a clean car. Anyway, I have a new to me maxima gle and it has a few marks in the interior that are bothering me:
    Scuffs on dash

    Scuffs on speaker and door

    I am looking for any insight on how to correct these marks. I have no idea how they happened.


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  2. Chaseme

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    I don't believe there is an easy fix for the dash scuffs. The grill looks like it will clean up pretty easily though. Novice and professional detailers alike will like (or already love) 1Z Cockpit Premium for gently cleaning and protecting all interior surfaces.

    Being a mesh surface with openings to the speaker do not spray directly onto the grill. Spray product on to a towel and wipe away.
  3. robby.wang

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    You can always try going to the local car store, get some trim detailer or aerospace 303 and you can try rubbing it out. These scuffs annoy me too!

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