CR Spotless... is it worth it?

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  1. MadOzodi

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    When I got my reading of 141ppm on the CR's meter, I'd had the resin cartridges out of the unit but made sure I was using the nozzle that output less than 4gpm.

    I went through my initial set of resin way too quickly, but that was because I was using the CR too much, like testing it in the laundry machine. Now I just use it to dilute my car wash solution and for final rinses.
  2. Denzil

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    Yeah, I think I'd probably end up using my CR for diluting my car wash solution and for final rinses based on my guess of how hard my water actually is.

    I'm hoping I can have results like JL, hehe.
  3. J_Edwards

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    The solution that we have come up with to keep the CR lasting longer is to make it switchable and to use it with a pressure washer.

    The CR is very pressure dependent, if you try and get too much volume through it, it won't work correctly. So a pressure washer is perfect for that since it deals in very low water volumes. It gets you through your final rinse while typically using less than 5 gallons of water. If you are using a hose that is an almost impossible number to match.

    Secondly, we made ours switchable. That way you can fill your soap bucket with the CR which gives you a much greater soap sud concentration, but then do your initial wash and cleaning process with the normal water to conserve the CR. Then hit the car with the CR on your final rinse and you are good to go.
  4. k33psp00lin

    k33psp00lin Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    How is revers osmosis compared to the CR unit?
  5. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well the CR unit puts out Deionized water which in the scheme of pure water it's second in the chart. So the bets water, meaning the most pure water available is Reverse Osmosis.

    Getting a Reverse Osmosis system is quite expensive and they aren't very efficient. That's why I went with the CR unit.
  6. scheerspeed

    scheerspeed DB Forum Supporter

    my TDS meter broke...
  7. k33psp00lin

    k33psp00lin Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    the reason i asked is because i beleive my old house had reverse osmosis, and we just installed it at my current house
  8. JLs Detailing

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    The CR unit uses a mixed resin bed to take out anions and cations to make the water pure. Deionized water has actually used resin beads to take out cations (magnesium,calcium,iron,etc.) and anions (silica) out of the water and demineralize it. It exchanges these cations and anions for Hydrogen and OH or HOH (can't remember exactly which one) ions. This demineralizes the water and thus gives you "pure water".

    As far as Reverse Osmosis units go they do the same thing that the spotless systems do. RO's are ususally used when you have a large volume of water that has to be demineralized. An RO basically "squeezes" the impurities out of the water by sending it through the RO unit at a very high pressure. I don't think you have to be concerned with changing media with an RO unit but the down side is you have a lot of "RO reject" water for every gallon of "Pure water" you recover.
  9. racersky

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    hmmm i might try to get this for a christmas present LOL

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