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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by InsanePaint, May 6, 2013.

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    I have a headliner job coming in on Thursday, cleaning from a water leak, small water stains & other random dirt/grease stains. The color is light gray. It's the first time I've tackled a "bad" headliner. I'm envisioning using Carpet & upholstery cleaner, hot water, and my shop vac. Will probably cover the seats and lower parts of interior. How have you guys cleaned (thoroughly) headliners in the past, with great success? Cautions? Helpful hints? Thanks so much!
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    Don't let it get wet....Damp is ok. Wet can cause the adhesive to fail and the headliner sag. If you can use steam try to....Wrapping the end of the steamer with a MF reduces moisture yet can clean the liner quite well without soaking it.
  3. TheRustySuper

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    I've had good luck with a microfiber towel lightly dampened with OPC. For really bad spots you can mist the area itself with OPC. I lightly blotted or gently rubbed the area to get the spots out. This got years-old vomit stains and soda stains out of a headliner.
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    Noted! Thank you!
  5. InsanePaint

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    K. Got it. :) THANK YOU.
  6. Stokdgs

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    I have always had great results with Meguiars APC+ on a microfiber, lightly rubbing the spot, blotting it dry with another microfiber and never have any residual issues on the cloth.

    Have also used Steam VPX5000, triangular brush covered with a medium thick white cotton towel, and lightly, quickly wiped across the headliner in sections that are manageable, and it comes out great.

    What you will need to use depends on the source of the deposits on it.. For me, grease and stuff like that comes out easier with Meguiars APC+, and just general dirt, gets transferred to that white towel on my Steamer tool and all is well.

    And as has already been stated above, do not get too much moisture on it. I am not sure that trying to vacuum it would be a good thing either, as it pulls the cloth and last thing you want is to stretch this cloth and have it become loose and sag.. Do not go there please.. :)

    The same processes I use also go for the sunvisors which are sometimes made of the same material as the head liner and have to be treated carefully if they are.. Dont forget to open the mirror covers in the visors and clean those little mirrors perfectly..

    Good luck !
    Dan F
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    Gotcha! Tackling this in the morning! THANK YOU BOYS!

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