Car wash shampoo recommendation needed

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  1. RamSus

    RamSus Jedi Nuba

    Mobilejay, at your recommendation, just placed for 1Z Perls Shampoo.
    Your input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Mr. Gloss

    Mr. Gloss Virgin Detailer

    My regular washes are Megs Shampoo Plus and CG CW&G (maintenance dilution).

    One of the slickest and most clingy (hang time) is Turtle Wax Ice. I let it dwell (cling) to a door panel for over 90 seconds and most of the soap was still there, slowly drifting down. I rinsed to keep it from spotting. It may have lasted longer. What does that mean? Maybe nothing.

    It's slick, sudsy and rinses clear.
  3. yamabob

    yamabob Two Bucket System Washer

    Well just received my MS Ultra-Gloss.Seems to wash off the counter nicely as the bottle was split (Fedex no doubt). As it rained intensely last night-and I just ran out of my previous shampoo( won't mention that crap).I'm ready to go. :)
  4. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Call them and tell them about the bottle splitting if it leaked too much out.
  5. belair

    belair Birth of a Detailer

    I use Meg's Gold Class, a pure wash with no added wax.
  6. yamabob

    yamabob Two Bucket System Washer

    Not too much was lost at all. well-here's my take after a fast and furious hour(quick wash)
    My last three were Armor-All(pure crap) Megs Deep Crystal (same or worse ) and Megs Gold Class( nothing special at all).
    After poring into a new container-the first thing that hit me was the aroma-that of bubble gum. Not what I was looking for or expecting. As I'm more interested in results that sensory opinion (except my Mirage) I could care less. Directions stated 4-8 oz in a 3-5 gallon bucket.. Well I put 2 gallons in and about 2.5 oz. Suds.And more suds. Hmm I'm ok with this. One thing I never agreed with ,but I can almost understand is the directions call to wash bottom to top. I don't like to introduce dirt to area's that arent-so I always go top half-than bottom half.May be wrong-but it's what I feel is best.
    AS I work my way around,I see some clinging that I like. After a section a quick rinse reveals a little more intense beading-not much but I feel it was tighter.AS I continue on-the smell now comes into play. I go back to a younger state of mind. Hell-isn't this just a car wash? Maybe therapy.
    After a total wash,I get my drying device out. I use a back-pack style leaf..err car blower to dry it. Water moves very well and doesn't leave those tiny beads. Slickness-there is some,but i wouldn't compare it to a freshly waxed or QD'ed car. Very good product. Great experience and time. To me that's what it's all about.

    Opinions are of that of the user. Others may experience similar or better results.In case you don't-too bad :)
  7. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    Thanks for the write up Bob. Funny anecdotes.

    I also don't agree with bottom up washing. I think that topic calls for it's own thread.
  8. yamabob

    yamabob Two Bucket System Washer

    Thanks Chase. After re-reading it's hard to believe I'm a magazine editor. Probably because I'm not. Remember-Never argue with an idiot.I'll bring you down to my level and beat you with experience!
  9. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Well, I told you it was good ;) Pink suds, awesome cherry smell, nice gloss and super slick!!!! I wouldn't say it adds any slickness unless you had a pretty slick LSP beneath it that can hold the slickness for a wash like MPL. Never follow the companies directions, its a thing I learned a while back sometimes you read some bizarre things from smaller vendors- "2 bucket washing is useless as I don't have scratches from washing on my car" . 2-3oz in nearly 5 gal makes some a very nice wash solution. Ohh and I didn't see you comment on slickness in the bucket, makes me feel like its a safe wash as my wash media just gliiiiides.
  10. mobilejay

    mobilejay Birth of a Detailer

    Remember its not like your usual shampoo, barely any suds. Once you get used to it and only putting 3 cap fulls (its a small cap) it is a really great product. I don't remember if I wrote this or not earlier but I have a couple of clients that are extremely hard headed and will not wax their cars. The first time I used this shampoo was on an F250 that the water just sat on. Did not run off or bead up at all! So the first panel I washed was the right side of the hood and right side of the windshield. I wasn't expecting anything since I had never used the product, well when I was hitting the washed areas with the water the water was beading like crazy and as if it was waxed. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out what the hell just happened, I read the writing on the bottle and saw it had polymers inside the shampoo. From then on I was hooked! This also helps because on vehicles like this drying sucks when the water doesn't roll off. With this it rolls off like its waxed making it just as easy to dry off. I have noticed about a weeks protection. On waxed cars you can't really tell as much since the water is already beading but its a great soft, gentle shampoo that will improve the longevity of your wax/sealant. Let me know what you think, good or bad, when you use it.
  11. jason827

    jason827 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I have finally made a decision to pick up Duragloss 901 from E-shine Canada and did a testing on the product. I used 3 caps of 901 and it generated very little foam, I was scared that I would scratch the paint when I was washing the car because there were just not enough foam and I felt like washing the car (C63 AMG) with just water. I would have thrown out the bucket of water if I was not to do a paint correction after. It thought there is something to do with the water pressure as I only used a garden hose provided by my client. I used Poorboy's Super sick to wash another car and there was just a big difference even I used the same amount of product and the same garden hose. I checked the result after I dried the car and luckily i didn't scratch, but i guess it would be easier to scratch the paints with clearcoat that are softer.
  12. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    DG diliution is 1 oz per gallon, PB is 0.5 oz per gallon. DG does generate suds but the amount of suds depends on the chemistry of the soap so not a direct correlation to cleaning, lubricity, etc. It may be related to your water since hard water can reduce suds and some soaps do better in hard water than others. I never trust the "bottle cap" method to measure the amount.
  13. extrabolts

    extrabolts Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Duargloss is the best I've used. Then Adam's / CG Maxi-Suds II. Then Griot's. Gold class is pretty decent but not something I'd buy again given the OTC availability of Duragloss. Megs Shampoo Plus I didn't really care for.
  14. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    DG 591 works well for me, I also like CG Citrus before detailing to help remove old LSP

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