Can this seat be made to look new?

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by bonehead, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. bonehead

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    Question for you pros out there. Is it possible to get this seat to looking brand new/near brand new, i.e. eliminating/diminishing the creases along the outboard side bolsters and restoring a uniform black color? The inboard side bolster is what it should look like. If so, what would be involved?

  2. Pureshine

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  3. Rcrew

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    Removing the creases will require replacement of the weathered "leather" with new.

    Otherwise you can generally get color matched dye to repair the color issue
  4. daveinsweethome

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    +1 on above. shane does leather! saw a funny west coast customs on you tube re shrinking leather. just take towels microwave in water for 5 minutes lay out on leather till they cool and creases will lessen or vanish. they called it old school
  5. 99monguse

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    Keep in mind, if you're thinking about shrinking your leather, make sure it's actually many manufacturers sell their vehicles with "leather" upholstry but it is really vinyl.

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