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  1. mxwizard

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    Hey all...Being really new to this world I went the safe route and am using FG 400 with a Buff and Shine Green pad on both our cars..Nissan Rogue and Infiniti G35. Both are Peral white..The results have be good so far that people in my condo complex want their cars done...How much more aggresive are say the Orange or Yellow pads and how much more risk is there I could make things worse? As I said im very carefull and run the Griots @ 4-5 with what appears to be good even pressure as far as technique....Any suggestions are very welcome....
  2. af90

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    If you're getting the results you want no need to bump up pads to a yellow or orange. Now if you're not getting enough cut then bump it up.
  3. rwisejr

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    Exactly . Test spot with the green and judge from there .
  4. M3ride.

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    Like others have said "test spot." But if you do step up to an orange pad there may be some cases where you might have to follow up with the green.
  5. 99monguse

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    Where do you guys get your Buff & Shine pads? I went directly to their site but I saw no pricing. Just from looking at the online pics, the UBER pads look to be the same as the Buff and Shines, is that correct?
  6. 12`WRX

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    yes Uber pads are BuffnShine
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