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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by MINIz guy, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. MINIz guy

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    I'm looking at purchasing a 2000 M5 and the interior is worn out. There are many scratches on the leather and it is also dried out. There are no tears, thankfully. To be more specific, it is BMW's Napa leather. The good condition one's I've sat in are very soft and plush; this car's leather is much stiffer and I feel that at some parts, the coating has worn away so it feels almost suede-like.

    What do you guys recommend to fix this? I am thinking I need to dye it to get some of the worn out spots back to normal and then I need to condition it so it isn't as dry. Are there any mobile leather repair people or even leather repair people in Parsippany, NJ? Phil, can you fix and re-dye leather?

    I've never dealt with leather this bad. Our BMW's leather has been cared for so I just steam it and sometimes use a yucky Armor All gel which doesn't make it slick and works fine.
  2. dr.jay

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    Leatherique may be a option, can you post pics
  3. drew935

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    Leatherique and SV have kits to match and repair your leather. DD has most of what you need. The scratch repair tube on DD does work ;)
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    Sorry but these are the best pictures I have from the seller's ad. I didn't take any of my own as I haven't purchased it yet. The leather isn't cracked but is very stiff and has "spider webbing" all over. Is conditioner all I need to make it soft again?

    I feel that the scratch repair tube can fix most scratches on the back seat but there are some bigger ones that it can't fix. There is a 3"x2" wear spot on the drivers seatback (you can see it from the rear seat picture) and that area feels suede-like. I'm guessing I have to dye this area as the scratch tube can't really cover this much.

    It is only the seats that need work. The leather dashboard looks perfect and hasn't delaminated yet; the door panels are in the same condition as the dashboard so I don't know why the seats are so bad.
  5. togwt

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    The 'spder webbing' (micro cracks) you are seeing is the urathene protection failing.

    You will need to remove / renew the surface protection
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    That's a bummer about that. Do you think that Leather World Technologies has the right kit for me to fix the isues? I'm looking at this kit: Not a bad price for $60 if I can get new leather again.

    Also, how long do you think I can keep the leather this way. It seems to be a summer project as I can't take apart my car during school but I also don't want anything to happen in the two months of classes I have left. It has been like this for 12 years now, would 2 more months hurt it?
  7. togwt

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    The kit video should be what you need. A couple more months shouldn't result in a catastrophe
  8. MINIz guy

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    Perfect! Picking the car up today. I've bought some Lexol to try and make the seats feel better until I have the time to recolor it.

    I love this forum. It will come especially helpful once I'm ready to do a paint correction on it; there are no deep scratches but it looks to never have been buffed ever. Swirly Jet Black BMW's are sure great 20ft lookers but after that, it is all downhill to my eyes.
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    As TOGWT hinted at, find a leather repair guy, we have a good one in Greenville, SC named Jeff Robaud. If there's a guy like that up in NJ, he may be able to strip the failed urethane and coat it with a new on, or provide an alternative dye, etc...The leather itself looks to be fine.

  10. GDAL

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    Sent you a PM. Good luck!!
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    Ever get to the leather restoring? Curious to see your progress.

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