black marks on leather

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by denti, May 1, 2013.

  1. denti

    denti Virgin Detailer

    Hi i'm new to the forum and world of detailing

    so I've got cream leather seats and there are some blackish lines on the seat. almost looks like a crease but it's not a crease. I looks like it's under the leather if that makes sense.

    imagine a plastic wrap with black crayon line underneath.

    if you know what i'm talking about, is there a way to clean this out? It's really driving me crazy looking at it and bugs me to no end it's there. Even thinking about it annoys me

    If you dont' know what i'm trying to portray, i'll try and take a picture tonight

    thank you
  2. artemis53

    artemis53 Jedi Nuba

    Is it possible it is some kind of ink or dye transfer? If so, check out Leather Masters products on Phil's website []

    The pictures will help out VERY much! And what car is this in, that will help us determine what type of leather you have, as some [uncommon, exotic] types of leather you must be much more careful with than others.

    What have you used to clean it? What do you have available to you? At the very least, you can try going to Pep Boys and purchasing Zymol Leather Cleaner. Or AutoGlym, if yours stocks those brands. And while you are there, you may as well purchase the same brand leather conditioner too.

    Good luck, and waiting for those pics!
  3. amercour

    amercour Birth of a Detailer

    It could be an area where the leather dye/coating has worn off. If that is the case only a re-dye will fix the problem
  4. togwt

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    [If you dont' know what i'm trying to portray, i'll try and take a picture tonight]

    That would help
  5. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    Yes picture would help.1z deep plastic cleaner is great for treated leather.

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