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    I have a major project that I want to do. It is my first job I am doing and I would like to use this opportunity to learn and do my best and hopefully be able to sell the car for more. I have a 2001 toyota corolla with some serious rust problem. There is rust on many places but worse than all by the rear tires. Alot of the body fell out. I thought it's gone too far but I found out that there is an option. I can use fiberglass cloth and resin to connect to the metal. Basicall I will be grinding and sanding to bare metal and then putting the fiberglass cloth and resin, then putting on body filler and for other parts of the car, similar situation except I won't need the fiberglass for most of it. I can make a video of it and put it on youtube. I was putting this message to see if anyone is interested or wants to help me out with giving me advice. I want to spend as little as possible. For the paint, I wanted to just put can paint and try to blend it as much as possible. Anyone with experience, please advise or come in contact with me.

    Thank You

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