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  1. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    It would seem to me your issues would lay with PAC as they took and publicized the photo.

    PAC is a top not vendor and stands by their product! I would contact them if you have an issue as opposed to PJs who from all my reading from his posts (not only in this thread) seems to be a stand up guy
  2. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

    yep real stand up guy

    i love how a negative product review turns into a verbal attack and threats from behind a computer screen

    im fearful, apparently ive 'chosen the wrong guy (or should that be the product manufacturer) to get the wrong side of'
  3. Zookie

    Zookie Jedi Nuba

    You are Correct.

    You make no Sense... How would you like if you Ordered an BMW M3 and Got a 335I? They Perform the same but its not What you Ordered, yeaa not soo good now. Hence what Domino is saying... You have to be really dumb not to understand this concept Deep Gloss Auto Salon...

    If you are going to sell soemthing with a Picture attached to it youshould deliver that and that only not something that "looks" like it

    As for the Seller Kudos for offering the Refund, but the Verbal Remarks are a low blow, -1 for you buddy. If you are trying to Run a Businiess i think you better get the Idea of "Customer Is Always Right"... Just an Advice

    Nice Ken, let us know what you think!!!

    How would his Issue lay with PAC? They dint sell it to him, PJ did... COMEON DUDE!!... Common Sense, Where is it?
  4. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    Talk about not making sense, your asinine BMW analogy is laughable at best. Seeing that Menzerna Powerlock is green on a site and then receiving your order to find that it is yellow in color is a more appropriate analogy. But who really should care as long as the sealant protects the paint as advertised.. But what do I know, I must be dumb or something:shakehead:

    What do you hope to achieve when you use a wheel brush? I would only assume it is to effectively and efficiently clean wheels correct??? Well these brushes do just that and they do so very well. Who knows maybe you are one of the sheep that flock to the flavor of the month because it “looks cool”??

    Have you tried the brushes, do you have any experience with them or are you just looking to jump in the mix without even knowing what song is playing? It would appear to be that latter.

    My posts did not disparage either PJ or Domino and I was only trying to help Domino get resolution with this issue… I have no idea what got your panties in a twist with what I said.

    Sidebar: Did I notice a difference in what I received versus what was pictured on the PAC site? Yep, sure did but my main objective in buying the set was to effectively and efficiently clean wheels and these brushes did so…

    No trying about it, my profits and book of business (while retaining my customer base) have been increasing year over year.. In fact, it has surpassed my projections.

    Domino: I truly hope your issue gets resolved to your satisfaction.

    I have nothing more to say on this topic... Good day
  5. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Maybe its because I'm getting old but I have a really hard time comprehending threads like this. Whats the point. As I read once, "winning an arguement on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Doesn't matter who wins, you're still retarded!" C'mon guys. Lets get along shall we. The world as a whole is riding an express elevator to hell, and we are fighting over a set of wheel brushes. WTF? Sam didn't get what he thought he was going to get. PJ offered a refund. Either use the brushes or get your money back. Done.
  6. JoeyZ

    JoeyZ Obsessive Detailer

    ...........and its Friday. Lets get drunk!!! :applause2:
  7. PJS

    PJS Birth of a Detailer

    And once again into the breach......

    Right, time for a lot of record setting straight, but first the apologies:

    1) Zookie - for taking your thread so far off topic, it needs its own ZIP code!

    2) domino - for making you feel my comment was threatening in any way. It wasn't, just a strong verbal indication I don't take such slights on my character lying down. I will defend myself to the hilt.

    Now, correcting a lot of incorrect assumptions:

    1) I am NOT the manufacturer, nor am I affiliated with them, in any way.

    2) I did not buy the brushes from PAC - they buy them from the same manufacturer, and have chosen the EF moniker for their own marketing purposes, which I've already said, so forgive the repetition.

    3) The image used by PAC is the same generic image I found from a cache of the UK reseller of the brushes when they were originally in production by the then manufacturer. So the image domino refers to in a previous post is one I found all on my own, as PAC weren't even in the picture at that time, and was done purely as a reference to what the brushes were for those who'd never heard of them before.

    4) Deep Gloss - domino's issue is with me, and me alone. It has no relation to PAC. Thank you for the comment, it's gratefully appreciated - especially as you're the only one to have piped up in that regard.

    5) Zookie - I'm not a salesman, nor am I in the trade. Your comment about running a business is completely wrong therefore, and Sam is not a "customer". All he has ever been, is a fellow detailer I thought I could help out.

    In summary:
    Sam, my over-riding annoyance with you is not because you're disappointed with the 3" brush, and not because of your "negative review" (it's not even a review, just a rant), but it's the manner in which you approached the issue.
    Instead of having a private word first, which if I'd not bothered to respond, would make your posts here and on DW fully understandable, you decided to shout your mouth off in rant and rave mode.
    You didn't have the common decency or courtesy to give me a chance to explain how I missed the link between the two brushes.
    You went on a rampage, warning anyone else who'd listen, to not trust me, and make the slanderous remark that I "jibbed" you.
    Had you done the decent thing first, then we wouldn't be were we find ourselves now.

    It's only because I do care, that
    a) I offered to help you obtain a set at a price you'd be happy with and
    b) I've offered you more than a full refund, to make you happy.
    There's sod all wrong with the brushes, and the images of the actual brushes you'd receive were there to be seen had you bothered to spend a bit of time.
    To insinuate that I'm a crook does not sit well with me, and I refuse to accept your right to do so - YOU screwed up but don't want to take any of the blame that goes with it, so you project it onto me instead.

    Just for your information, I ran a very successful GB last year too, for the "Highline" PTG's, with a custom surround referencing DW's web address, and logo.
    One member of the 60 odd who bought the gauges, had an issue with theirs. I told them to return it, and they were sent a new replacement the following day.
    If you or anyone else wants verification of this being the case, you need only ask - I'll supply his username for DW, and you're more than welcome to contact him.
    Again, I had no obligation to do that, but I did - that's just the way I am!

    So, tick....tock....tick....tock....5 hours left to decide whether you're keeping them or returning them.
  8. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

    yep my rant is with the product..... not the salesman

    i thought i made that clear in my initial post and link to the PAC pic and the fact you were not mentioned by name in my post

    you then decided to make this personal, not me and you continue to do so - my feedback is no different to the countless other review threads and 'products you've been dissappointed in' threads

    the only difference is, in those threads, vendors/retailers dont chime in and abuse the people who own the products when they air their dissappointment

    PJS i would have given my feedback (as i have done in the past with multiple product reviews) regardless of whether i bought them from a sponsor here or moses decended down mount sinai and handed them to me

  9. PJS

    PJS Birth of a Detailer

    Sorry Sam, but your memory isn't the best - you are one who made it personal calling my good character into question with the term "jibbed".
    Had you not, then I wouldn't have felt the need to defend myself against that accusation.
    And still you can't bring yourself to apologise for it, nor admit in hindsight a private word with me first would've been more appropriate before telling the whole world how you've been wronged.

    In regards to your initial post being some sort of feedback - it may have been on some level, but was overshadowed with the rest of your ranting that went with it.
    It certainly does not constitute any form of review, as you've not even used them, and moreover, you've resigned yourself to using it on the wheel well rather than the wheels because you think the material is harsh - this even after being told by another local detailer to myself they don't harm black painted wheels!

    If I were the suspicious type, I'd say there's more to this whole debacle than just a missing couple of inches of material on ONE of the brushes, and if not, then that one issue alone has completely clouded your judgement.

    Look, it's of no importance to me what you do with the brushes - you can clean your teeth with them, clean the toilet with them, sweep the chimney with them even - but if you want to provide some constructive feedback, using them as how they were intended would be a good starting point.
    When I'm next speaking to the company, I'll be sure to raise the issue of the 3" brush being a bit short on material, and see what they say.

    I sincerely hope you get past that issue, and can just enjoy using them, and realise what a lot of other uses have - they are a excellent set of brushes, even factoring in their price.

    All the best.
  10. Bunky

    Bunky Guest

    Is it time to close this thread?
  11. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

    yawn didnt we cover that 2 pages back?

    ok my feedback on the wheel brushes after using them today

    they are flawed for cleaning my wheels

    not only did it take longer than the EZ-Brush to clean my 20" wheels, but with my brembo calipers there is very minimal clearance across a good 1/3 of the rim, especially on the fronts - here the large brush didnt fit, so i had to switch to the small size, and cleaning a 20x10 wheel barrel with a 1" brush head is annoying and quite frustrating

    the EZ-Brush cleans faster and the bristles compress to fit easily behind my calipers (and even clean the caliper in the same process), so i can wash one wheel barrel in one shot with ease

    i then tried the large brush on my guard liners and it worked brilliantly. The long handle meant i could reach all the way back where the guard liner wraps behind the wheel -

    so in summary, ill definitely use the large brush for wheel guards from now on, and continue to use the EZ-Brush for my wheels
  12. Emile

    Emile Welcome to Detailing

    I'm reading this thread on my new iPad.
  13. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    Cocky beach :p: I'm kidding, wait what was this thread about again...?

    Ohh yeah. Well, I have the EZ Large, 2x EZ Minis, a RG XL, and an RG 28mm. The one I find the most useless...

    EZ large- This thing is huge and I have to imagine you need to have large truck wheels to get this to fit easily. The Minis- they are just about perfect, the RG is great for low clearance and the 28mm is perfect for faces.

    I use all but the large when cleaning wheels, and I get little slinging back, but the RG XL gives none, so thats a +.
  14. Emile

    Emile Welcome to Detailing

    That's funny because I love my ez detail, it's the one I use the most. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!
  15. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    I'm not sure, but I CAN fit it, but I don't want to squeeze it in. At least in the wheels I used it in, it felt like it didn't belong.
  16. mikenap

    mikenap Jedi Nuba

    About 5 minutes past, actually.
  17. Emile

    Emile Welcome to Detailing

    A lot of people complain about the fling issue and I can see how that happens, but it doesn't happen to me. But if you want optimal results every time, you probably have at least several or all of the major wheel brushes; EZ Detail, Mini EZ Detail, Raceglaze XL, Uber Spoke Brush, and the SM Arnold Brush that is shown as the start of this thread. Uber Spoke Brush is actually also from SM Arnold and both versions were originally designed for chrome wheels. Fortunately, most wheels are scratch-resistant and can handle the stiff bristles that these two brushes feature without any damage.
  18. Zookie

    Zookie Jedi Nuba

    So has anyone actully tired the Wheel Brush i suggested, other than Ken?
  19. billyblooshoes

    billyblooshoes DB Forum Supporter

    I have been using it for a while at work now. Averaging about 16 wheels a day, six days a week. After around 6 weeks the brush is finally beat, which isn't disappointing considering the amount of use it got. Only downfall is the tip of the brush. Its sharp jagged metal that is covered by a rubber tip. Well the tip fell off last week and I didn't notice. I ended up scratching the face of a brand new audi Q5 wheel, which I then had to wetsand to repair. Oh well.

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