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  1. Backbone

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    I have a daily driven 09 mustang GT. Colorado Red. I have recently polished the car with M105/205, I followed that with Griots one-step sealant and best of show wax. I found it to be good for my purposes, and the results stunned me. I have ZERO complaints about the results. I found that the wax probably isnt as durable as I would like. It should last longer, but it IS a liquid carbauba so I didnt expect too much from it. I want to use a higher grade paste next time.

    However, during, the process was a HUGE pain in the ass.

    I used GG Orange cutting pads for the M105, and GG black pads with the M205, and the one steap sealant. I finished with a GG red pad with the best of show wax.

    My main complaints. The M105 working time was too short. I found that i rarely had to make multiple passes with it, and it finished well. However, THE DUSTING is awful.

    I would like to use something with close to that cut, with less dust and long working time. I doubt Ill need to ever use something with that much cut again on my car as I baby the paint, but I may want to do other vehicles in the future.

    Also, I feel as though I could have tried to do a finer last step after the M205. I wanted to maybe try a finer polish.

    What is a favorite among alternatives to the m105/205 combo?

    Feel free to critique my process. Im learning, so I welcome advice.

  2. JordanL

    JordanL Virgin Detailer

    Look into the KBM (Kevin Brown Method) with M205. If you go to his site you'll see a header with the label KBM. It basically utilizes M205 as a compound and polish. M205 has a longer working time and doesn't dust from my experience. But it's more technical than that. Other than that I like the combo of FG400 as a compound and Car pro Reflect as polish. But every paint is different and reacts differently to certain combos etc
  3. Meticulous-Detail

    Meticulous-Detail DB Forum Supporter

    Try misting the panel with water to cut down dust and extend working time. If that doesn't work, a mist or drop of baby oil can also work.
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  4. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    Just use FG400 very easy to use and has a long work time.
  5. acommonsoul

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    Try Meguiars Ultimate Compound and Polish. Meguiars claims its the same cutting agent as M105/205 but much less dusting. BTW their Ultimate paste wax works great. Personally I use Menzerna FG400 with SF4500 with the Ultimate paste wax on top.
  6. CopperMX-5

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    I just used FG400, which I thought was great. But, I got a good amount of dusting using a Lake Country Orange pad. Less dusting using the Meguiars MF Cutting Pad. Thoughts on how to avoid dusting - maybe I'm doing something wrong?

  7. Paul S

    Paul S Birth of a Detailer

    Lately I have been using a lot od 3D HD products such as Adapt and Polish with great results. Another line I'm using with good results is Barry Theals new line - Americana Car Care. His Amerirocks and Amerione are damn good IMO.
  8. Stokdgs

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    You got dusting because you let the pad and compound dry too much.

    I always like to keep the products just a little damp and finish right before they dry up...

    Meguiars 105 has always since it first came out, been hard to use because it dries up instantly and wants to pout, and make a mess..

    What you have to do is keep it a little damp ( experiment until you find the right amount), keep it working, and it will get with the program, cut, polish, and leave a really nice, clear, smooth finish..

    Slinging compound all over the place and getting tons of white dust all over is what was done in the 70's..
    Dan F
  9. inDetail

    inDetail New Member

    WG Uber 3.0
    HD Adapt
    HD Uno

    All just as good as 105 without the hassle. HD polishes are reasonable priced. UNO is a SMAT based compound.

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