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  1. tawas23

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    Wanted to ask the pros on here as new to the site and hello Eric Heier East Tawas MI I have tried the Mckees 360 with good luck worked well for a beginner and want a opinion on is this good stuff to use on my 2005 Silverado 2500HD BLACK?? Looking for a great product and want to know the best out there to use I wanted to ask about jet seal.. or tech shine ..are theres good to use on my blk truck as looking for a real good protection before winter as salt really destroys our Mi autos looking for a really slippery feel and best shine I can get after done plz any help would be great and really appreciated.. My paint is in great shape but want to know the best products to use with random orbital polisher as not up to speed with a better low speed polishing spinning machine yet I do have one tho and looking to buy a 3 inch polishing machine did order the drill type for a few areas that need attention..was going to try the Mckees fast compound for theses small areas unless advised otherwise thanks in advance
  2. tawas23

    tawas23 New Member

    no one can give me any advice
  3. okay65829

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    Your question or questions are all over the place. Honestly I have no clue what you're asking. You mentioned several different products as well polishing compounding and sealing paint with and without a machine. You're asking some of the most general questions about several different things.
  4. tawas23

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    OK new so sorry about that what is a good product to use for my blk color Silverado thats gives the best protection against salt roads in Mich ..I have already applied Mckees 360 and want to know if thats good enough protection before winter hits us ..hope this is better sorry about first one as new and wanting to learn how to protect my paint with the best out there ...
  5. okay65829

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    Sonax polymer netshield is a good sealant. Just make sure to prep the paint well. The paint should be completely 'naked' free of any waxes or oils. Apply one panel at a time and wipe off(no cure time). Keep it looking great by using sonax brilliant shine detailer every couple weeks or so to keep up the protection. I'm not too familiar with the product you applied.
  6. eShine

    eShine DB Pro Supporter

    Another great winter sealant is collinite 845. It's really easy to apply as well. And most importantly, as okay65829 mentioned, make sure that the surface is completely clean before applying a sealant.
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  7. Anthony Orosco

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    There's "protection" and then there's "looks". It's difficult to get both out of one product. Your "look" comes from paint prep and paint correction. Typically it's a involved process, especially on a black Silverado...that's hard paint there!

    So in your area "protection" should be your main concern for this time of year. When Spring coms along then you can work on the "looks" department.

    As noted Netshield is fine as is Collinite

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