Bad Overspray on '07 Buick

Discussion in 'Show and Shine' started by richy, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. richy

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    Bad Overspray on '07 Buick
    I got this job because the owner had parked his car behind his business while a very smart, considerate and otherwise genius neighbour decided to spray paint (!) his porch. (Almost as bad as "hey mister..did the job, but it's a Ferrari and not a porch!") Anyway, there are only a few pics, both before and after, but the pics of the glass really show the spray on the car. It was everywhere!! I thought "no problem- I'll clay it" when I booked the job. It's a brand new car (5000km). First I tried Riccardo clay and wasn't surprised when it didn't work as it's pretty mild stuff so I switched to my purple, very, very aggressive clay and IT DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH IT! It was like I never did effect whatsoever..that's when my foul language began. The side surfaces actually weren't too bad. I was able to correct them using a white pad with my rotary and DG 501, followed by 601 and 105. The top surfaces, including the glass were terrible. I kept upping the ante. 1st I tried SIP with an orange pad..nothing. Next I tried SIP with wool and my rotary..nothing. Finally I tried Presta Ultra Cutting Creme (it's very gritty stuff) with an orange pad and it worked..I didn't need to use the wool with it. Every top surface including glass got the following: UCL, 501, 601 and 105. All surfaces were followed up with AW. I just vacuumed inside..this was primarily an outside job. Every edge was done by hand for safety..I didn't tape anything off on this one.


    Clay with aggressive purple clay (useless)
    UCL with orange pad via rotary at 5 to 6
    501 with white pad via UDM @ 6.
    601 applied by hand
    105 applied/removed by hand
    AW entire




  2. Nica

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    Looking there richy, sounds like that overspray was quite the task to remove. Incredable, clay usuallly takes care of overspray man sounds like this was quite severe overspray.

    I'm curious, did this on take longer then you had estimated? Sounds like an interesting detail.

    The end results are quite good though and alaways enjoy seeing the reflection of you castle...I mean house ;)

    Thank you for sharing.
  3. richy

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    I appreciate your comments as always!
  4. Nica

    Nica Banned

    :D lol sorry just couldn't help my self about the house, just love the house buddy...I think we should trade hahahaha kidding.

    7hrs on the exterior ouch, still though vehicle looks great and I'm sure the owner was quite pleased with the results.
  5. Calgarydetail

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    lookin good. The car turned out great, nice work
  6. richy

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    I think you will want to trade for another reason too..remember a few days ago I posted that it was 28C here? It got sh$t. It was 32C. I had my garage Air Conditioner blasting away..boy am I spoiled!!!
  7. Nica

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    Yea, I'll take 32C any day :( this weekend was okay but it wasen't anywhere near as hot as your 32C or 28C.

    A/C in the garage huh and here I am intalling my heater in my garage hahahaha too funny.

    Spoiled, na just toys my friend just toys :D
  8. klumzypinoy

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    Sounds like overspray from hell! Great job Richy :D. I agree with Nica, ur house looks like a castle from the reflections :p.

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