Assorted Polishing Pads

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  1. hamlyn

    hamlyn New Member

    Having recently sold my polishers, I find myself with a small stack of new, unused polishing pads:

    Rupes 7" pads
    1 x Rupes Blue (Coarse)
    1 x Rupes Green (Medium)
    1 x Rupes Yellow (Polishing)
    1 x Rupes White (Finishing)

    Lake Country Smart Pads 5.5" Professional Foam Pads
    2 x Lake Country Blue Foam Pads
    3 x Lake Country Cyan Blue Foam Pads
    2 x Lake Country Tangerine Foam Pads
    3 x Lake Country Crimson Foam Pads
    2 x Lake Country Black Foam Pads
    2 x 2-pack Lake Country Microfiber Pads
    1 x Lake Country White Lambswool Polishing Pad

    Griot's Garage
    1 x Griot's Garage Red Foam Wax Pad
    1 x 3-pack Griot's Garage 6" Glass Polishing Pads

    Asking $150.
    Total retail for all pads is $295. Please PM with any questions or comments. Thank you for looking.

    IMG_2216.JPG IMG_2217.JPG IMG_2218.JPG IMG_2219.JPG IMG_2226.JPG
  2. Phoenixdetailing

    Phoenixdetailing New Member

    Are these still available? Where are you located?
  3. hamlyn

    hamlyn New Member

    All sold.

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