Adams car wash and cg maxi suds the same product

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  1. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    Who knows, as long as it works......... and you are happy with it right?
  2. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

    if both cost the same then yes

    but they dont, hence the issue
  3. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    I dont follow?
  4. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    I have never been on adams site, or even considered thier products let alone know what the cost is, but I gather the issue is that the dilution ratio is different that causes the confusion if said products are the same?
  5. domino

    domino Welcome to Detailing

    isnt the adams twice as much as maxi suds in the US
  6. Emile

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    CG products are made by Bell's Chemicals. I am trying to find the website but it's just not appearing right now.

    I wouldn't care if Adam's is several times the price, it is several times more concentrated and for me to order from CG is $12 shipping which literally doubles the cost of a gallon of Maxi Suds. $12 + $12 = $24 and that puts it in Adam's Car Wash territory.
  7. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    It quite common that similar products even the same ones cost more from one place than another. You can go to Walmart or go to upscale store and pay more. For example ACE Hardware can be expensive compared to Home Depot/Lowes. Often the higher priced place more offers something extra (like a nice store, help that actually help, etc.)

    This is important to some buyers. In detailing, you may get personal contact with the owner, a brand forum, educational videos, money back guarantees, special promotions, web sites that actually look nice, etc.

    Some want everything for cheapest price others do not paying more to buy from someone they like. To each his own.
  8. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    gallon for gallon price CG is less, but dilutes less so in essence yes adams is actually less. But For me I like CG, they are cost effective, shipping to me is usually abosorbed due to the fact I will order alot of stuff at one time, especially 16oz stuff. I have alot of friends and customers who like the stuff and will buy it from me or ill give it away. I get it in 2 days or less so that is a plus.

    as for ratios, on stuff like car shampoo im not sitting there with a beaker and shot glass trying to perfect a ratio.

    I may try some adams out though, i have never heard anything bad about them. I talk to Paul alot on FB, and he has always been pretty straight forward and has taken care of me on many a times.... so i have no complaints.

    as bunky says, to each his own.
  9. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    I have seen other sellers of products - believe even some on this site, whose products come in the exact size bottle and label as CG's; the only thing different is the name on the label has been changed to the name the seller uses for their personal line of products..

    Have not ever tried Adam's, just recently looked at their website for the first time, looks fine and all, but for those of us who own our own detailing business, there has to be some control over the budget or you will work all year for the privilege of trying out dozens of new products, and not much more. Oh, and you still have to pay State Taxes to the State, and Federal taxes to the gov.,as necessary, and the costs of running your business..

    After awhile, one might get over the need to try everything out when it comes out, and just make more well thought-out purchases, based on the most important criteria for that business at that time..

    Glad there are a lot of choices out there, but I personally tend to try to purchase the best possible products for the least amount of money, so that I can in turn give more back to my Clients and then hopefully make some profit at the end of the fiscal year.

    Dan F
  10. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    ^^ what he said "control over budget" I think the botique products are excellent, and I have used/own many. (fan of prima, but VRP will get the job done just as well) But when it comes to doing other cars then your own (and alot of you will agree) a 16oz bottle of whatever is just not cost effective. I have a business down the street from me that sells pro car, and P&S, both excellent products geared and marketed to retailers and not the enthusist. I find some of there products to be outstanding, just not all the following like many of the products discussed here.

    but again its all relative to where you live, shipping costs, etc. so if adams is in essence less or equal to the cost then CG or other companies that is great. nothing wrong with it.
  11. Emile

    Emile Welcome to Detailing

    That seller does not try to hide that fact, and will openly tell you if the formula is exactly the same as the CG product or if it has been tweaked a bit to his preferences. He's not trying to fool you or anyone.
  12. rfinkle2

    rfinkle2 DB Forum Supporter

    the grammar may be bad... but the CG website certainly "looks nice", if you know what I mean. :giggle:
  13. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    LOL. I measure rather precisely.
  14. Adam's Polishes

    Adam's Polishes DB Certified Manufacturer

    LOL... really? News to me... Adam has repeatedly had to refute this BS we do not buy anything from CG... Where are these 'common facts'??

    Warner and CG are 2 entirely different companies with no relation other than warner may/or maynot supply some of their chemicals.

    FWIW (and I hate to even engage in this tired old argument) CG doesn't make anything for anyone... they ARE NOT a chemical manufacture. I'm sure they'd love people to believe they are, and I've heard of instances where they have said they do make things for us or others, but they, like 99% of the companies in the business, do not possess the means to manufacture the chemicals. They, like most others source their raw materials from any number of places - I know where they used to source them from, I know why they no longer do - but unlike CG I have some ethics and won't publically drag their dirty laundry out into public view, nor will I spread baseless rumors about them. Thats not the kind of company we are.

    I will tell you this... their current soap is not sourced from the same supplier as us, so it is not the same. Our current lineup of chemicals is sourced via 5 companies at this time... some are a blend of 2 chemicals from multiple sources. Every single one of them is blended to OUR specification (thus the reason we continually tweak and change things while CG's line remains unchanged) Just this past year we reformulated our Glaze, Glass Cleaner, In & Out Spray, Revive Polish, and VRT - all changes we worked with chemists on, tested extensively then released as exclusives TO OUR LINE ALONE.

    Don't believe me try Fade 2 Black vs. our In & Out, their VRT to our Super VRT, our glass cleaner vs theirs, the list goes on and on. Unlike their line ours comes with a 110% money back guarantee... if you don't like it we buy it back +10%. If it were the same stuff I'd hardly be offering that up as we'd simply be losing our ass.

    I'll use the same analogy I've used to explain this so many times before:

    CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - anyone can make them, and the process and ingredients are relatively the same no matter where you go, but somehow cookies made by one person may be better or worse than anothers. They all contain sugar, chocolate chips, flour, eggs, etc. They're all baked... but a Chips Ahoy tastes dramatically different than a Grandmothers cookie - why is that?

    Quality of ingredients, small differences, and the way in which they are prepared make all the difference. And though they all might look like chocolate chip cookies and some of them may taste very similar, it doesn't mean they're all the same thing.

    The same can be said for a variety of detailing chemicals - afterall there are only so many ways to make a soap, cleaner, dressing. There are only so many options when it comes to how you can prepare a wax or polish... in the end its the ratios of the ingredients, the quality of the ingredients, and concentration of those ingredients that separates one from another.

    In the end all I can do is borrow a quote - "find a product you like and use it often." If that product you like is ours then thank you for your business, if you simply tired it and weren't impressed I apologize and would love your feedback as to how we could make it better.
  15. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    Thanks man for that post, I'm sure it will settle most questions and all but the conspiracy guys that DVR Jesse Ventura's show will take it and move forward. What the hell, I've never bought any Adam's stuff but I'll sure take a look now and do a little shopping.
  16. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    Warner Chemical and CG not related?

    In many registries they have the same business address: 3734 W Century Boulevard Inglewood, CA

    CG's address now is: 3915 102nd St. Inglewood CA 90303 This is the running parallel to the above street so within the same basic block.

    I was told CG was a rebottler themselves with Warner as the parent but CG is independent as they buy from others.
  17. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    CG even states on their website that they are a rebottler and have the ability to reconfigure products to your specifications. Look under PrivateLabeling.
  18. Adam's Polishes

    Adam's Polishes DB Certified Manufacturer

    I can't speak to whatever business relationship they've had in the past, nor can I comment (ethically or legally) on what I know of their relationship now. Fact of the matter is we know the guys at Warner well, I've been to Warner a few times... they're not the same company as CG.
  19. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    Honestly guys, it doesn't matter what Adams says or any other company for that fact. We as consumers aren't stupid, we can put two and two together. Whether anyone ever admits to it or not, that's the big question.

    But my favorite so far is the new wheel brush "A" came out with. All the hype of years or months or whatever of going through several different brushes to bring the best brush ever!

    Well, its a glue brush... I found the exact same thing from another site at a fraction of the price. Go figure
  20. Adam's Polishes

    Adam's Polishes DB Certified Manufacturer

    LMAO... and whats your point? We never claimed to be making the brush... fact is we contacted every brush manufacture we could find to find a brush we liked. We went back and forth tweaking existing designs with the brush companies only to find what worked best. Changing ferrules lead to failures, plastic handles felt cheap, we settled on a brush.

    Newsflash in case you're not aware - we're not assembling DA polishers, stamping out foam guns, cutting foam pads, and manufacturing our own microfiber either LOL. If you think the bulk of companies out there that are selling a variety of detailing tools make everything in house you're naive.

    We don't even claim to MAKE our chemicals. We purchase them in various states from various companies. Some are blended together from a few chemicals in house then bottled, others come in concentrate form that we have to dilute to our spec and then bottle, and some (like our in & out) come ready to use as you may not have guessed we don't have the means to pressurize chemicals in aerosol cans.

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