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    Some times the Acid rain really etches a clear coat...and 2 methods will work...First a Rotary with wool and a heavy cut polish...or a wet sanding....depends on how bad they etched....

    Also a decontamination wash works if its recent spotting..but again..how bad they etched..

    we have bad acid rain in my area..and most times I can either do a wash with a decom system by Auto Int..or a wool polishing..but if the car has been exposed for a awhile it takes a wet sanding to the clear to the etching level in the clear..sorta like feathering it in ...

  2. Alan

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    Yeah, it's just my mom's car. Im cleaning it up because she's selling it. I dont have the experience of wet-sanding, and i dont think it's worth it to take clear off.
  3. agentf1

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    3M is an excellent polish and works just as good as Menzerna IMHO. Not sure how much cheaper it is though. Like somebody mentioned earlier you should probably have a few different products around in the event that one is not working for you on a particualr car. You may want to look into chemicalguys.com as they have some pretty good prices on compounds and polishes. Also check your local autobody supply store and see what brands they carry.
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    I haven't used Menzerna products yet, but I've used 3M. Working in detail shops, I've been using the Car Brite line for 6, almost 7 years now. The guy here in Calgary brings in the 3M products for some of his customers, so I tried a few. CB then released a line called Black Pearl which is designed to compete with 3M. From my experience, Black Pearl is much more user friendly than 3M. It's easier to clean up, and you can work it much longer than the 3M products. I would consider that route as well, and chances are, there's a Car Brite rep in your area. They're the largest professional detail supply company in North America at the moment.
  5. Nica

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    Just curious exoticGuy, what's the price range on the Car Brite products?
  6. exoticGuy

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    It all depends hahahaa If you want I can get a few product brochures, and then find out the pricing on whatever you're interested in. When I bought a pile of products to set myself up for power polishing at home, it wasn't really that bad. Nothing I would say is expensive, but then, that's all relative to the buyer.
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    Sounds good :thumb: I look forward to the catalog :applause2:
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    hey i'd say that you'll find that TIME IS MONEY (the one thing I've learned) btw I'm 17 here with "Premier Auto Detail LLC." so we're pretty close huh?

    anyways back to time is money....i too tried to get around menz..but its the ONLY thing that you shouldn't try to get around I starting with megs eveything and griots everything....moved to menz polish then my time was cut in 1/3 ....from their ask phil@detailersdomain....I'm now using swissvax on every car I do and make 500+ per car now....so in the end the moral of the story is 1)save on worse polish, spend more time and make SOME money or 2) buy cheap car wash (no diff) ok clay (little diff) GREAT menz polsih (cuts time in half and qualityx4) start with a cheap carnauab like poorboys.....then you'll make enough money in a half year to start doing swissvax menz and adams everything....my story exactly!
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    Sounds like a great story to me ampbmw and I 100% agree with you :peace: you don't want to sacrafise quality :badidea:

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