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    I would like to hear what your thoughts are after using it. The price is one thing that has kept me away from it.

    Phil a GB at $9.95:giggle::applause2: On a serious note do you see a difference when using it? Lets say you have polished with Menzerna and used Top Inspection after to find out you could do another pass? Once the residue/wax/oil whatever is left behind is removed.

    Back on topic this talk about the 3m products has peaked my interest. I still have Optimum and Menzerna to use up.
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    Thanks John
    This is great info for everyone. I had found this on one of their sites a long time ago and had emailed them regaurding the whole silicone problem. I got lots of very valuble info from them too.

    I have been coming across a few here and there which can be a nightmare. Removing the silicones are NOT easy at all. I have used wax and tar remover 20 times with not much of a difference at all. It's usually the cars that look like they are going to be easy, and then they turn out to be the biggest pain.

    The silicones are usually found at car washes with their waxes, some detail sprays, and some waxes. I am very cautious on what I put on my finishes now.
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    This is what encouraged me to include the para on silicones that are used to enable a QD to be 'mist' sprayed, "...do not use a quick detailer (QD) as most are formulated with either a wax or a polymer; however they are not easily adaptable to a spray formula. To be efficient they need to be emulsified to work as a spray, to facilitate this they need to use an emulsion of silicone oils and water". Menz Polishes thread by TOGWT

    What I've found to work for silicone removal - Hi-Temp's Prep Wash - Top of the Line Auto Detailing Supplies.
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    OK I'm really confused. If this statement is true then wouldn't it take an incredibly long time to just get to the point of being able to polish most cars. Seems to me the prep work to get through all the "silicone layers" before you even picked up a buffer would take days worth of work. Again if this is true then I really don't see how it would be economically feesible to do a "true" paint correction.
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    I *have* experienced this. No matter what I polished/compounded with and no matter what I put on the surface to attempt to remove it nothing worked. I was ready to use GAS but the owner didn't have a match. This seems to be the result of being waxed after every wash. After all, the dealer said that was the only way to keep a black car looking good.

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