2002 BMW M5 Refinement Detail

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by Auto Concierge, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. cnut

    cnut Guest

    Nice work!
  2. Carn

    Carn Welcome to Detailing

    Car looks mint, a fine example indeed. Lovely work Bob :thumb:
  3. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    I like the outside of your old shop LOL, theres more trees n birds vs shopping center looking at your newer shop.
  4. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

  5. Auto Concierge

    Auto Concierge DB Pro Supporter

    I have more trees than @ my old shop look at the after outside pics?, and I am happy the "Crows" did not follow me over as they were a PITA with the "Crowing". There was the leader crow and he was huge and would stand right in front of me when I would get out of the car to go in the shop most mornings.......he was like "F U give me some snacks like you do the cats"(still go over after work most nights and feed the cats btw) and the big one would eat the cat food if I left it out in the morning.....until I blasted him with the hose one time"Time for a shower you hump"........
  6. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    I actually LOL'd at the crow snacks part. Little dry J humor, you learned from the best!
  7. RustyBumper

    RustyBumper Jedi Nuba

    Laughed so hard, I farted! I know how you feel. We've got these small black ones down here that are called grackles that always get into my dog's water bowl. My female bulldog hates them and tries to get them any chance she gets. At night they all (hundreds) sit on the phone and power lines at one major intersection and poop on all the cars as they pass by. San Antonio has a big problem with them and has a small crew that goes around downtown pointing green lasers at them, to scare them away. Years ago they had the park department police fire off some shotgun dummy rounds to scare them away. Those nasty birds crap everywhere and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

    BTW, good man for feeding the cats! :thumb:
  8. bryansbestwax

    bryansbestwax DB Forum Supporter

    I am dedicating my clients 02 M5 Detail this year to Bob. Not onlly for setting the bar high, but due to the fact he called a crow a "hump" That my friends is the Willisness factor
  9. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    Your funny bob!! Yes your after pics at your old shop was nicer than your current after pics outside. but I'm glad no more birds to give you trouble at your current location LOL.
  10. billy

    billy Obsessive Detailer

    Awesome turnover as usual Bob!
  11. Socal Brian

    Socal Brian DB Forum Supporter

    Thanks Bob!:giggle: That's good stuff!
  12. Auto Concierge

    Auto Concierge DB Pro Supporter

    You are talking about pics in the "Cul De Sac", so you are right the street there is lined with pine trees and others that I do not know. I will take some pics over there again as it is right across the street from where I am now.
  13. Auto Concierge

    Auto Concierge DB Pro Supporter

    I cannot take credit for this as "The J" is the creator of finishing words with.........idge and ness as in "Schoolidge" and "Jness", also "The Bing" is known for labeling people as humps.......Howard Beach wop genuis speak, notice both "The J and "Bing" are from New York/New Jersey dohhhhhhhhh... Ti gobba.
  14. dsms

    dsms DB Forum Supporter

    Better recognize, bitch.
  15. bryansbestwax

    bryansbestwax DB Forum Supporter

    Now that's showmanship, not taking credit for the ish, ness ect. got to love it.

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