1st customer, 1st refusal

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  1. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    I buff these headlamps today on this R32, sold him some QD, Bug & tar, and 3 towels. quoted him $125 for 1 step. He just brought the car.


    and a easy sliver BMW 3 series this weekend =)
  2. ltebow34

    ltebow34 Birth of a Detailer

    75 for a full car - I say do it once, and really take your time.

    This way you learn - and you only need one time - that your skills once they are developed are worth way more than 75 for a full detail on black audi paint thats neglected

    Give it a shot.

    (just kidding, but serious - walk away or triple your price)
  3. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    got a easy sliver BMW, used HD uno on it cuz this is a budget detail, meaning I use all the stuff I don't like on the detail to clear up some inventory to try something else =)


    BTW im getting paid more than what im asking for, so thats just shows me that im making them happy and they are willing to spend more in the future.
  4. GloomyX

    GloomyX Birth of a Detailer

    what i would've done to that $75 Audi owner would be do half a hood of your polishing and tell him to compare what the 'guy down the street' can do.
  5. SeanHfx

    SeanHfx Virgin Detailer

    I am amazed actually how little you guys charge for the amount of work that you do...especially when doing any type of paint correction. I am by far no professional but love to detail my car, a very thorough full wash (wheels, sills, wheel wells, door jambs, trunk, under the hood., plus body...) followed by clay and then another quick wash took me 3.5 hours. Then proceeded to do DG 601/501 and then 2 x DG601/105, plus alloys and exhaust tips, total of 5.5 hours without any paint correction. My neighbours think I'm crazy, but love to do this and I take my good old time. There is nothing worse than having a sport/luxury sedan and it looking like POS. Oh and for a zaino user for the past 6 years, I LOVE DURAGLOSS!

    If I ever need to get paint correction done, I would be willing to pay more than $150-200.
  6. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    Head Light restoration lead to this Wash-Clay-Wax for winter

  7. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    even my sister is willing to pay more than $75, well not really cuz she has no job, but she paid for products being used

  8. Norseman

    Norseman Virgin Detailer

    I've read all 9 pages of this thread and I'm happy things are turning out for you. My town is full of quick car washes and pretty nice cars which IMO is a goldmine for a quality dealer. My first customer (neighbor) saw me correcting my parents jeep cherokee and commented how im always outside greasing on our cars. Told her I'm starting a mobile detail buisiness up and she said she's interested in my work because she is sick of the hack "detail" places that are putting swirls in her new Volvo. I showed her a before and after panel on the cherokee(I wasnt finished with it yet) and she was very impressed and wants to tell all of her coworkers as well. Let your work speak for itself, not your prices. :) Good luck man
  9. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    I just like to update this thread.

    I been doing many details recently. charging from $100-$240 for protection details that I do for friends n co-workers. not quite where I want to be but it's good start.

    I'm in the process of getting my business lic. I'm have my facebook, YouTube, twitter, website, company email, and word press blog.

    for those who's thinking about making this a career. don't be in business to compete, but lead. if you believe you'r better and can make customer believe so, then you're leading.
  10. kyoshiro

    kyoshiro DB Forum Supporter

    i clicked the thread and i was like WAH FIRST CUSTOMER? then i be like oh 2010
    good to hear everything is going smoothly :)
    let me know if ya want some hosting done, can save you some money in the long run while I make my monthly payments for an over the top server =p
  11. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    i give you props for sticking to your guns........Cheap people, IMO seem to have some weird skewed sense of entitlement and will complain more and appreciate your efforts far less then those who are willing to listen to what you can offer them.
  12. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    thank you very much, I will let you know If I need help with the website.
  13. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    Epic thread!

    Also loving the fact that you aren't succumbing to the low-ball price.

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