130 Hour Bentley GT Restorative Correction

Discussion in 'Professional Detailer's Studio' started by Auto Concierge, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Mike Lambert

    Mike Lambert Birth of a Detailer

    Outstanding work!
  2. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    That is unreal... I can't even imagine how the paint got like that in the first place...
  3. JBlack151

    JBlack151 Birth of a Detailer

    Absolutely stunning results. Great dedication to achieve that ultimate shine!
  4. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

    Must have missed this when first posted.

    Definitely one of the tops for 2012! No doubt!
    You guys knocked that one out of the ballpark! Great work and photos!
    Do you remember what was used to clean the barrels of those wheels?

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