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May 1, 1944 (Age: 80)

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Nuba Guru, 80

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    1. flarkitdb
      Will you be replacing the "Engine Bay detailing" section sometime please?
    2. dschia
      Thank you so much for the effort to share so many good articles in detailing school. I have also read many of your article in detailingWiki. I have been reading alot on your articles but got to refer back from time to time to re-confirm and re-digest certain info. Is there by any chance do you have a compile version regarding detailing or even thought of making a e-book? It would be extremely handy and benefical...
    3. Lowprofile
      Been reading your information in the 'detailing school' section and had a couple questions for you. I plan on doing the Klasse Twins and topping that with Fuzion. In your section on carnuabas you say top coat it left to right then apply top to bottom and then one more time in direction of wind. My question is, are those 3 steps that are each separated with a cure time. Meaning I do the left to right, buff off and let cure. Then after curing go with a layer up and down, let that cure, and then a layer in direction of wind? 3 steps, 3 cure times? Or apply left to right, then on top of that immediately apply up down, then direction of wind without any cure times. Just kind of layering it over itself. Oh, and one other quick question. I have the DG FCAS QDer. I use it almost every night before going out to clean and gloss. Do you recommend this QDer on the new Klasse/Fuzion for my nightly clean up or is there a more specific QDer I should be using?
    4. smokin
      I was wondering if using AMAZING ROLL-OFF would hurt paint. I am going on a 1000 mile road trip and ran out of SC GRIME DESTOYER . Will AMAZING ROLL-OFF remove tar and other road crap or will it hurt my paint. THANK YOU RODGER WALKER
    5. michaeljbird
      Hello have helped me so many times with your vast knowledge and expertise. I followed you direction and put the pinnacle wax over my zaino'd finish on my jet black bmw, and i must say it is stunning...I was wondering if i could now go over it with z-8 and then back over it with the souvereign ? Thanks so much.
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    May 1, 1944 (Age: 80)
    I detailed my first car when I was fourteen (a mere five decades ago) it was a 1929 Bentley
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL /Hampstead, London, UK
    Consultant Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Polymers